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Apr 13, 2008 12:15 PM

Where to find fresh fish in JP?

I'm considering moving to JP, but I cook fish 2 or 3 times a week. Is there a good fish monger or store where I can buy good fresh (not frozen) fish?

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  1. there is a small place on a side street across the street from the jackson sq t station; i don't recall the name. and there's a place called star fish in egleston square, which is up washington st about a mile or so from jp.

    however, i haven't been to either of these places so can't give you any firsthand reports. if neither of those work, then your nearest reliable source is probably roche bros in west roxbury (if you've got a car); or driving to whole foods. the harvest coop in jp usually has salmon, shrimp, and one or two other things. i think they're fine, but the selection isn't great. i'd stay away from the fish at the jp stop & shop and the hi-lo (if they even have fish.) it's not a great neighborhood for victuals, unfortunately.

    1. What about JP Seafood? Do they retail? Roslindale Fish Market in the square on Poplar St. has the freshest available. Not a huge selection.

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        JP Seafood doesn't do retail. They did when they first opened, years ago, but they stopped. Not a heck of a lot around here for fresh seafood.

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          Was that the store in the late 80s/early 90s run by a wonderful Japanese man? The fish there was soooooo fresh. And he would filet out pieces of fresh salmon for me from a whole fish.....ummmmmmm

      2. We moved to JP in October and finding a good fish market has been a challenge. Like autopi, I use Roche Bros in West Roxbury. There is a fish market on American Legion Highway near Forest Hills Cemetery and Simcos called Pisces which does whole fish and fillet. It's inexpensive and reasonably fresh but not up to the best. I haven't tried the Roslindale Fish market but i went in and it didn't smell right. Could someone please comment more on this place? I like Roslindale Village a lot for other things. Excellent Italian butcher (Tony's), bakeries (Fornax for bread, Vouros for greek pastries) and Boston Cheese cellar.

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          I had a similar experience the first time I went into Roslindale Fish Market- I thought it smelled weird. I am very glad that I gave it a second chance. The Fish Market is a truly excellent store. The fish selection is very limited, but it is always uber-fresh. Their devoted posse of regulars scoops up most of their supply early in the day. The fact that they sell out by 5PM most days means nothing is hanging around overnight, ever. If you can't make it in early to get your fish, you can call and reserve something.

          The other stuff they sell, including the produce and the feta cheese, is also top quality. And their prices are substantially cheaper than Roche Bros. The Roslindale Fish Market/Droubi Bros/Fornax combo has been the source for many excellent and economical meals for me.

          1. re: skordalia

            Thanks. I will certainly try it. I should have mentioned Droubi Bros. Their produce is excellent value. If you haven;t tried Tony's (on Washington Street near Corinth, next store to Geoffrey's cafe), I can highly recommend that to you. He was been there for 44 years. This weekend, I bought an excellent leg of lamb, beautifully trimmed before my eyes.

            1. re: gourmaniac

              Excellent leg of lamb, beautifully trimmed before my eyes .....

              Great! When's dinner?

              1. re: yumyum

                It was on Saturday and you would have been a perfectly appreciative guest. Aged American leg of lamb roasted to medium rare, with the bones pre-roasted for the gravy.

              2. re: gourmaniac

                we really don't make it out to roslindale as often as we should, seeing as how close it is. frankly, though, i'm amazed given the quick and thorough gentrification of large swaths of jp that there aren't more/better grocers and whatnot, something like an italian market, cheese shop, savenor's/formaggio, etc..

                1. re: autopi

                  I agree completely. The area would well support a Russo's, a Couthouse, a Formaggio's and an Al Capones with lines out the door.

                  1. re: gourmaniac

                    Maybe the new City Feed & Supply location on Centre Street will help fill the void.

                    1. re: Food4Thawt

                      Thanks for the ideas -- I had a feeling I wouldn't find what I go to now -- Hook's for shellfish and New Deal for finfish. But I have been to Roslindale Village a few times and really like a few spots there, so I will check out Roslindale Fish Market. Another excuse to drop into Fornax, and check out the cheese spot. If a Fomaggio/Russo's would open in JP, I would move there in a heartbeat!