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Apr 13, 2008 12:01 PM

Poland, Gray area of Maine

We'll be in Gray, Maine this weekend to help a friend celebrate her 50th birthday. Looking for a casual, inexpensive restaurant with a varied menu as she doesn't like any kind of fish or seafood. Not willing to drive more than 30 minutes (one way).

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  1. You've probably already celebrated, but just to throw my two cents in, we usually go to Cole Farm's when we're in Gray.

    Good New England food in a casual environment. Really excellent desserts. Love their Indian Pudding. It feels like a throw back to an earlier time.

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    1. re: brooklynbrownie

      Oops, I meant next weekend. I did find Cole Farm's website and wondered if it's as good as it sounds. Thanks for the endorsement. My friend is all about home cooked, comfort food so I think she'll love it!

      1. re: mtm7654

        Do let us know what you think! My family is all Mainers going way, way back and they love Cole Farms. (And I mean it about the Indian Pudding...mmm, hard to beat with a scoop of ice cream...).

    2. I'll second Cole Farms. A great New England eatery. I'll go an hour out of my way when I'm in Maine to eat there.

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        Great! Now she's decided she'd rather "hunker in" with a home cooked meal so we can drink! Oh well, another time.............especially the Indian pudding-yum!