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Apr 13, 2008 11:40 AM

Smooth top stoves: cast iron alternatives?

I recently got a smooth top stove and the instructions advise against using cast iron. I considered getting a porcelain enameled cast iron pan from Le Creuset, but the instructions even advised against any stoneware. This thing is so finicky! How am I supposed to sear my steaks? I need something for extremely high heat applications that won't damage my stove.

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  1. Funny that there is post about those smooth top stoves. My wife's uncle was in the food business for many years, and we visited him this weekend so I was surprised that his townhouse has the smooth top electric stove. He pan broiled some steaks for us at was too cold for him to gril outside, which was the scheduled meal. (The guy is going to be 80 in September so the 40 degree spring we're having ,is not like he is wimp...)

    Anyhow I was surprised both at the pan he used and how well it seem to work. He had a medium shallow 12" round dutch oven/braiser of the old fashioned Calphalon line with the heavy riveted handles. He preheated the heck out of the thing on high for about 3 minutes tossed the steaks and and turned it down to medium high. Quite a bit of smoke but the splatter was well confined to the pan. I don't know if the newer stuff is a solid as this but the pan appeared to have no warping. I hand washed the pot and it looked ruler straight. He claims he uses that pan a few times a week and he has been in the townhouse for about 5 years since his wife passed away. He is tough old guy who used to make his living selling food flavorings /extracts and such to companies in the snack and candy business so he really lives for new tastes. Quite a guy...