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Apr 13, 2008 10:54 AM

Best British Bites?

Always on the quest for my next favorite restaurant. My husband is from the UK and is constantly on the look out for "the flavors of home." Anyone with any suggestions in the Bucks, Montgomery, or Philly areas?

Lion Heart's Pub in Washington Crossing is ok. It seems they have revamped their menu to be a little bit more American though. Blah.

Dark Horse in Philly is decent. Haven't been there in a few years though.

Any other places out there?

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  1. I haven't been by in a while, but wasn't there a place on Rt. 30 between Strafford and Devon (close to the Whole Foods) called A Taste of Britain or something similar? A charming little place serving lunches of meat pies, mushy peas and a variety of British grocery items. And, of course, pastries, sweets and an array of teas at tea time. Is it still there?

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    1. re: Chefpaulo

      It's actually moved to Berkley Road which is in Devon.

    2. In Buckingham Heart of Oak pub, standard pub fare. Cottage pie, Bangers and Mash Fish and chips. Standard UK

      Its a bit of a trek, but I like the Ship Inn which is in Milford, NJ (cross bridge at New Hope and head up the Delaware River about 15 miles) Pub brews its own beer (english style) bitters and porters), has a great whisky selection and british style pub food including meat pies, bangers, cottage pie, shepherds pie. Weekends they serve a mean roast and yorkshire pudding.

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        Thanks cwdonald. you know, i have heard of Ship inn, but have not yet been there. Been to the website, etc. Will have to make a trip out there with my husband (UK) and our good friends (Scotish). I am sure they will feel right at home.

        Thanks also to Chefpaulo. I have ordered British food from "Taste of Britain by Post" ( for my husband for Christmas, but was unaware there was an actual store/restaurant. I will be sure to check it out.

      2. Stoney's British Pub is in Delaware County, about 15 minutes down Rt. 202 from West Chester, PA. They're at 3007 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE. Great fish and chips.

        1. Well, it's a bit of a ride for you, but might make a nice outing. The Whip Tavern in Chester County. It would be a beautiful ride this time of year; and this place is really out in the country. The food is really good, and it's quite charming inside. Very large selection of beer, which is the only alcohol they sell.

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          1. re: mschow

            The Whip Tavern is excellent, they do have a great beer selection. But if you're in the mood for something else it's also BYO.

            1. re: keby

              I second the Whip, my boyfriends family just moved to Cochranville, PA and that is the first place they took us when we visited.

              1. re: asf5017

                Another vote for the Whip, that place is great! Wonderful atmposphere, it really does feel like you are on vacation when you are there.

                1. re: AmblerGirl

                  To all your positive comments re: The Whip; you're right , it is the best of Chester County & and a Brit pub. Try the pan seared scallops, or the smoked fish plate, and then tell me I'm wrong--THE BEST!!!!

                  1. re: Dave H

                    I loved the welsh rarebit and the fish and chips from the Whip.. Great burgers as well.

                  2. re: AmblerGirl

                    The Whip is great! The best shepards pie I have ever had including what I have had in the UK.

                    The steak is wonder ful as are the desserts.

                    With a wonderful beer selection they are a very british pub except that the food is not overcooked and is expertly seasoned

                    Highly recommended!

                    1. re: The Smiths

                      I'm sure your comment was intended tongue-in-cheek, but but real English pub food is fantastic. It's the places that in recent years have gone to corporate frozen food that are disgusting. A lot of country pubs have wonderful chefs who make all their meals from scratch.

                      1. re: berbadeerface

                        Fantastic English food are words which one would seldom hear spoken. It is only relatively recently that English food is not an international joke. Nice to see great "English"food offered here and in the Isles. The corporate take over of many pubs have created McPubs, unfortunately. Always one of our most enjoyed trips for pleasure or business, the English chefs are coming up to par with the traditional leaders in european cuisine. So I have been told and have frequently experienced.