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Apr 13, 2008 10:42 AM

Lunch at Bouchon Bakery

A friend of mine recommended it and I've seen people mentioning it here. My mom, my sister and I will be taking a trip to NYC in May, and I'm wondering what to expect price wise. I didn't see any prices listed on their website. Will a party of 3 be able to eat lunch for say $75, or is it typically more than that? Is it relatively easy to get a lunch reservation, or is it a Babbo like place for getting reservations? Any other information is appreciated too. Thanks.

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  1. Menu with prices here:

    It is more of a casual cafe with a takeaway counter, not a fancy restaurant. Reservations are not accepted.


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    1. re: kathryn

      It shouldn't be hard to get into during the week-but it's basically on the third floor of a mall, in the open, under a huge Samsung sign. The food is good, but this is not a very special place-more like the place you go before a movie.
      I have to add-you'll be right across the street from Jean-Georges, where $28 buys you a lunch of two courses of some of the best food in NY, in a lovely atmosphere...of course, with drinks, etc, you'll spend more.

      1. re: David W

        I think it would be impossible to for three to eat there for 75 (2 x 28 = 78) but their lunch deal is probably the cheapest way to have 3 Michelin stars in the whole world.

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            Ugh yeah... Either way 3 people cannot eat @ JG for 75.

    2. This is not a very ambitious restaurant. It serves well prepared but simple bistro food that is NOTHING like the food served upstairs at Per Se and the menu is much smaller than the Bouchon in Vegas or CA. Its a nice restaurant, but I would think this is an odd choice for an out of towner. It is not a way to get Per Se food on the cheap. The foie is similar, but its $45 and is presented with bread and salt instead of the more complicated presentations at Per Se. The desserts are probably the most complicated things they serve if you do decide to go.

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      1. re: brooklyndude

        I'm glad you pointed that out, because I really enjoyed Bouchon when we were out in Napa and I've been to the one in Vegas as well.

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          Totally agree. It's just very good bistro food. You would probably do better going to Balthazar. The only thing I can think of that would make Bouchon Bakery worth it is the wonderful artisanal butter they serve with their bread. Other than that, it's not a destination meal.