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Jul 11, 2002 02:59 PM

Colorado Street Bridge Fest this weekend in Pasadena

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Hey all,
The annual Bridge fest is going on ON the Colorado Street Bridge this Saturday Went last year for the first time- we'd just bought a house nearby- it isn't cheap ($12 to get in) but it goes to the Pasadena Preservation Society so it is a good cause. The restaurants representing this year are

Baldwin’s Victorian Baked Potato
Big Mama’s BBQ
Chandra Thai
Cobbler Factory
Clearwater seafood
Cord Maiden Foods
Los Tacos
Martin’s BBQ
McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood
Pasadena Coffee Company
Now You’re Poppin’
Robin’s Restaurant
Tutti Gelati
Twohey’s Family Restaurant
Whole Foods

Last year The Cobbler Factory ran out of cobbler early, so you may want to have dessert first! I tried the BBQ and some tamales last year - they were great. The only major minus was the wine- some local winery (you know great wine comes from, um, Pasadena) was the ONLY vendor of wine, and it was not good at all. I'd stick with beer if the same happens this year. This isn't gourmet but a step up from usual festival food, I think. And how many chances do you get to eat on a bridge overlooking the 210 freeway?

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  1. what she said...and head directly to the McCormick and Schmicks booth for Crabcakes -worth the wait, and if you're smart get two orders - otherwise they'll be gone when your craving for more sets in. Dancing to big band music and people-watching are also a plus -if you went to high school in Pasadena, you're guaranteed to see someone you know (vaguely remember?) listening to Snotty Scotty. ;-)

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      And don't forget to see this Chowhound's band "Fresh" going on at 6PM in addition to those nutty Hankie lads.

    2. i presume that doesn't include any food with 12 buck entrance fee. and do you know if from last year they had bbq beef ribs or beef brisket (my style's mostly texas style).

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        You are right- the $12.00 doesn't include anything, it is simply to get in. I believe the BBQ was brisket.

      2. I've attached a link to the organization that sponsors the festival. It includes further details like hours.