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Apr 13, 2008 09:31 AM

Starving on South Shore

Moved to Scituate recently after 20+ years living in Boston. Scituate is a beautiful place, but I am used to more and better food choices. What recommendations do people have for restaurants on the South Shore?

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  1. Saporito's in Hull is delicious. It's a tiny place that serves fantastic northern Italian. The wine selection is nice as well. It is very casual at the same time so its a great place to go for dinner or a special occasion. The only night you may need a reservation is a Saturday. They rated #1 in MA for N. Italian and #9 overall in MA.

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    1. re: cb6932

      Welcome to Chowhound- hope to hear more about your favorites.

      Who rated them #1? I'm always skeptical of ratings anyway- I prefer personal ratings from Chowhound members. Can you give some more specifics about what you like on their menu?

      1. re: Chris VR

        I love that the menu changes seasonally, so you can go year round and try new items. The cavatelli and rigatoni bolognese have been on the menu for 20 years for a reason. It is such a great place because you can have a 5 star meal w/o the pretentious air of some other restaurants. It is so laid back and welcoming. Zagat gave them #1 for Northern Italian and #9 overall in MAss.

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          It's so wonderful that you get to experience their cuisine so often!
          Any other places you could recommend?

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            There is Square Cafe in Hingham Center, Cafe Bella in Randolph(a bit of a hike but worth it), Hola in Marshfield(tapas), Fuji in Quincy(sushi), Toast in Hull is the best for breakfast! I love food and try to go to as many places as possible. Do you have any recommendations for me?

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              Sure, just click on my name, and you can see hundreds of posts I'vemade to CH over the years!

    2. I've lived in Scituate for years and couldn't agree more with your comments. Riva in the Harbor has great modern Italian food. The Barker Tavern, a lovely historical building, has excellent food and the small pub is good as well and fun. The Satuit Tavern is reliable for good seafood although it is totally lacking in ambiance. Father afield, Bridgeman's in Hull is excellent and a favorite and Mezza Mare is a good Italian place. In Hingham Tosca and Cafffe Tosca are excellent, The Snug is a fun Irish pub, and there is also a good Thai on North Street whose name I can't remember. In Cohasset Feng Shui is a very good Asian place and their lunch buffet is very popular. Trattoria San Pietro in Norwell is wonderful too.

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        I'm approaching 10 years now in Scituate, and the choices are infinitely better than they used to be...agreed on all of the above except for the Barker & Mezza Mare...also want to add the new Scarlet Oak in Hingham, Cherrywood's on #53, as well as DeNiro's near the Hingham/Cohasset Line...I'll think of more...

        1. re: soshore

          Has Cherrywoods moved? The last time that I drove by their location on 53 in Norwell there was a "Space for Lease" sign in the window of their space.

          1. re: mangorita

            too bad...Cherrywood's was the last (only) bastion of southern cuisine on the South Shore that I know of...

        2. re: taddybelle

          I love Mezze Mare, too! I live in Braintree, and head to MM at least a few times a year...hmm..I think I'm due!

        3. Solstice in Kingston is excellent, as good as any place I've been in Boston. Sintra in Braintree is very good, reasonably priced for the upscale-ish place it is.

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            I will second the Solstice rec. I love it there. From the food to the decor to the service it was all fantastic the five or so times I have been there.

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              I have never been wowed by Solstice, had an ice cold (as in frozen in the middle) crabcake once. Service that seems to think it is entitled and a general feel that it is a really "Hot" restuarant. The fact of the matter is it is basically good restaurant in an area with few choice and it is quite small so it seems busy with a handful of folks in the place.

              1. re: Winer

                Wow, I would describe that as the complete opposite of all of my experiences there. I have been there about five or so times now. There was always a laid back feel to the dining room, great service, and food that has always been fantastic. The bar area is usually hopping but the dining area, while close, always feels quiet and more easy going. Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

                1. re: TomH

                  I live a few miles away so I frequent the place at least monthly. It's my favorite restaurant in the area without question. I have to agree with TomH that the dinning room is reasonably quite except it can get a bit noisy on busy weekend nights when they open the additional back room. I've never felt the service to be anything close to Winers experience. The food has always been solid to excellent with an occasional wow so I think it stacks up well against any of the SS's top 5.

            2. Thanks everyone for your comments! Some I have tried, some not.

              I'll share a few of my own as well.

              Riva on Front Street in Scituate does have excellent Italian, and has 2 lovely rooms (depending on your preferences, or availability). The front dining room is very quaint, but crowded. In Winter they have a fireplace that adds nice ambiance. The rear dining room / bar is just that, a bar with some high tables. Same food, but a noisier and more boisterous room. In Season, this rooms opens up to be "open air" which is wonderful in the right weather. There is also outdoor seating, in season. You can eat at the Bar, which we like to do and have done here a few times.

              The Old Salt in Cohasset, next door to, and part of, Atlantica, has perhaps the prettiest spot on The South Shore. In Season Only, and weather permitting (ONLY outdoor seating) this place does a lovely job on creative Salads, and a short menu of updated seaside favorites such as lobster rolls. The dining "room" sits on a pier that extends out into Cohasset Harbor.

              Atlantica has a wonderful Brunch on Sundays, and a beautiful dining room with one of the prettiest views on The South Shore.

              Barker Tavern on Friday Nights for the Pub Menu is a very good "tavern" experience.

              Fung Shui on Rt 3A in Cohassett has added an excellent upscale Asian / Sushi restaurant to our local area.

              Arthur & Pats in Marshfield has the best breakfast food I have had. Proprieter Dee and her brother keep the menu fresh and interesting with constantly changing omlette ingredients, other specials and the best Lobster bisque you will ever have, period. Brants Rock Marshfield, only in Season (Closes October - April 15, roughly). The last Sunday of the season is always "wear your PJs", and people really do. And for you Aerosmith fans, Joey Kramer and other band member sightings are regular here

              The Satuit Tavern has excellent Fried Clams and seafood, otherwise I cannot understand all the cars in the parking lot! Shows how "in need" we are of better choices!

              The Red Lion Inn in Cohasset also a good choice and in season you can eat out on their porch.

              The Kam Man Marketplace in Quincy has added a bit of Chinatown to The South Shore

              For Pho (Vietnamese Soup)
              Pho Yuen Dong
              217 Quincy Avenue, Quincy, MA 02169
              (617) 328-8831

              For Dim Sum
              China Pearl (same China Pearl as Chinatown)

              Kam Man market: a full-service asian market (like Supoer 88)

              For Thai
              Sween Lemons in Weymouth (rts 18 & 53) does a very good job and they couldn't be nicer.

              For Pizza
              Upper Crust in Hingham is the only Pizza I have found worth eating

              Cohasset and Duxbury have a lovely french bakery called French Memories

              The Mill Wharf / Chester's
              TK O'Malley's
              Harbor House of Pizza
              Maria's Pizza

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              1. re: johnecampbell

                Excellent report, thank you. My parents moved to Cohasset about 20 years ago and I will echo those who say that things have improved considerably over that time although the choices are still too limited. Our regular spots are Saporito's and Bridgeman's in Hull (as well as Jake's in season for fried seafood), Tosca in Hingham and Bia in Cohasset.

                1. re: johnecampbell

                  I tried Atlantica for dinner last year and didn't like it at all. Lousy sides, average fish, forgetful service. What I remembered most was the nice view (but not much to see there after it gets dark) and the unpleasantly moldy smell in the dining area. Have never been for brunch.

                  Found the Barker Tavern to be really atmospheric but the food was pretty average. Red Lion Inn gets positives for offering German food, something Boston sorely lacks, and also being old-wood charming, though I liked the cuisine at the Student Prince in Springfield better.

                  Will second the positives on Riva.

                  1. re: bachslunch

                    my in-laws LOVE Atlantica, but as many times as I've gone there, I've always found it both average and overpriced...nice view though, nice folks who work there as well...
                    the real crime/loss in Cohasset is the Red Lion which goes through chefs and managers almost monthly...too bad, because the dining/pub area is both beautiful and historic...maybe some day they'll get their act together...
                    speaking of historic...can folks out there in Chow-land recommend the Sun Tavern in Duxbury? or is it PJ's-esque?

                    1. re: soshore

                      as far as the Sun Tavern goes, i am not a huge fan. i feel like they're overpriced and don't have that much of a selection. my family loves it, so i guess there must be something that draws them back again and again. i think it'd be worth a try though...

                      1. re: doley69

                        I agree, overpriced and pretty boring. Execution is fair. Perhaps a harsh statement, but I think the Sun Tavern's shine has come and gone.

                    2. re: bachslunch

                      I agree about dinner at Atlantica but they have the most wonderful cheeseburger on their pub menu; we sit at the bar or at a table in the lounge and it is a very pleasant evening with a nice crowd.

                  2. I enjoy the Snug in Hingham. Nice cozy little spot with great corned beef sandwiches, and decent potato salad. DiNero's is great for lunch because the prices are so much better and although you won't see it on the menu, you can still get a baked stuffed lobster. While, I wouldn't give them raves, I think Schooners is a pleasant spot for fried seafood, as is Jakes or the Hingham Lobster place.