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Apr 13, 2008 09:27 AM

Rip's in Ladd, IL?

Heard about this restaurant and that it has wonderful fried chicken. When I checked out the website it said they often have lines around the corner with an average one hour wait. Is this really true? I am interested in making a trip of it some sunny day but I don't spend an hour waiting in line for much of anything. Love the menu, there's really just chicken and 4 sides, one of these being a pickle for 50 cents. This statement from the site kind of got me, too : ""Plates of fried batter crumbs and sliced dill pickles are the standard appetizers."
If you have time read the history page on their site, it's fun. While I hope the chicken is great, it's really the experience itself that is most appealing. Well, except for that wait time...

Have you been there? Is it great? And is there really such a long wait?


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  1. You may want to post on the Chicago Board. (Even though Ladd is about 80/90 miles SW of Chicago - for some reason that's the board where that neck of the woods gets covered.)

    It has been years since I've been (at least 12 or 14) - back then it was very much as you described - with the hour wait and all. It was always a fun place to go - but bring your TUMS.

    1. Rips is good, but so is the fried chicken at pretty much every pub/tavern out in that area. LaSalle County Illinois has some of the best fried chicken in the state.

      Go for it.

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      1. re: swsidejim

        ..and Putnam County. Back in the day nobody did better Tavern Fried Chicken than Ray's Place.

        1. re: Mushroom

          I agree, that stretch of Illinois off I-80 has some really good home style food. I live in LaSalle County myself, and didnt really like fried chicken until I had it out here. Cooked fresh, and to order.

          1. re: swsidejim

            We only make it back to the area three or four times a year - usually for holidays or other family obligations. We rarely make it out for meals - but when we do - it almost always involves one of the taverns or Italian joints. Those places can also fry catfish like nobody's business.

            The whole family from California to Maine is making it home for a weekend in May - I think one of my California relatives has requested Ray's Place (which hasn't been as consistent since Pauline quit cooking - but my husband says it's hard to beat the flavor of nostalgia), another Aunt wants Verucchi's in Spring Valley. Who knows where we'll end up - but I'm sure it will be great!

            Me? I'm looking forward to trying Ron's Cajun for the first time. It's been on the list for awhile but we haven't been able to work it in to our schedule. But, I think it's going to happen this next trip.

            1. re: Mushroom

              definitely go to Cajun Connection, one of my favorites. Also Cherry Supper Club, just a couple of miles from Ladd, IL.

      2. Great. Thanks everyone, we'll get out there soon. Good to know of other places to check out, also. Ron's is definitely on our list because of your previous posts about it, swsidejim.

        Many thanks to you all, can't wait to get out there. Maybe a Spring flowers Starved Rock trip is in order soon.