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Jul 11, 2002 07:59 AM

Macadamian Tart

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Yesterdays lunch was highlighted by Two five pound Live Lobsters at PASTINA. But the best was yet to come, no not the NY Cheesecake , but the NEW MACADAMIAN TART which has to be in the top 3 ALL TIME deserts I've ever had. Apparently the same people that make the Cheesecake make the Tart, very scary. Call first because I know they will run out of this quick, I almost took the whole thing home myself, but Kar wouldn't let me.

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  1. Macadamian like from Macadamia? If I'm not mistaken that's an island near the Big Island, right?

    1. Sounds awesome. Any idea who makes it (and the cheesecake)?

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      1. re: Barbara

        Yeah, Rosen who sells it to high end restaurants direct. Reg humans like us don't have access, except through restaurants.

        1. re: russkar

          How about calling one of the restaurants that serves their cakes and asking if you can buy one (or some) from them? Do I understand correctly that they do not have a distributor down here?

          1. re: Barbara

            The way I understand it is they ship by truck a huge min(200-) to different high end restaurants only. I'm sure Pastina would sell you one but they are so rich you would have to lock it in a safe to get it home without eating it. I know it would never make it to my front door. Besides you might not like it, as much as I do, it's extremely rich.

            1. re: russkar

              but didn't chino wayne say you can get in bulk, even if you're a average shmo, as long as you get a six whole cheesecake minnimum at the price of forty bucks or so each.

              1. re: russkar

                200 units or $200 minimum, I think 200 Units is alot unless you move alot of them at several restaurants, or you do a heck of a lot of catering. Where is this place located, and if you have a phone number I would love to call them.

                1. re: Burger Boy

                  J M Rosen's Cheesecake

                  57 E Washington St
                  Petaluma, CA 94952
                  Phone: (707)773-4655

            2. re: russkar

              Im sure this Rosen Bakery would sell to you if you wanted to buy a whole one, and pick it up. Where are they located and what is their number?

          2. j
            Jeff Pillet-Shore

            Okay, you got me hooked. Is it ever possible to go in and get dessert for two? Do they have a bar type area? (And, while I'm at it, how's their coffee?)

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            1. re: Jeff Pillet-Shore

              No bar but desert and Italian coffee for two shouldn't be hard. It's some exotic coffee from Italy. Call first because someone may eat the whole TART, like me.

            2. "two five pound lobsters" i didn't know lobsters get that big. anyways, each 5-pounder is not 1 person is it, i think the most i ever ate was about 3lbs. lobster (of course i didn't eat anything else just with some drawn butter and such). How is it served at Pastina? and how much do they charge for those suckers per pound? And thats a Hawaiian macadamia nut tart you were referring to right (or am i wrong and it really is a macadamian tart.)

              also, a last question, if i go to lunch at patina is still possible to order dinner dishes at lunchtime? or are the menus one and the same?

              thanks for your responses.

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              1. re: kevin

                Two lobsters for 4 people cooked Italian Style which is cut down the middle, Seared and baked then a wonderful marinara type sauce poured over them. Price was much less than the PALM and still the same Lobster. When I typed the orginal post it was very early in the morning which probably has something to do with Macadamia improperly spelled. I think anything you want is normally available for lunch also. LOBSTER IS SPECIAL ORDER SO CALL FIRST TO FIND OUT WHICH DAYS and SIZES. We did some 8 pounders a while back.

                1. re: russkar

                  Regarding the spelling of macadamia: that's a forgivable (and common) error. At least it wasn't Barbarian cream pie - which a waiter recommended to me once (uh, no thanks).

                  So, how much does the lobster cost?

                  1. re: Chris G.

                    I don't remember exactly and the price can change with each shipment so you should call the restaurant and ask.