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Apr 13, 2008 08:54 AM

Seriously....Brennans is soooo over-rated!

Brennan's Brunch was terribly disappointing for myself and my guests. I would NOT recommend this place to anyone looking for a great place to have Sunday Brunch. The morning started off bad when we realized that the silverware was disgusting with hardened food on 3-out of-4 place settings at our table. The waiter was nice and noticeably embarrassed. The brunch price was $34/person (no alcohol) but most items required an up-charge. (i.e. add $7 for the banana foster, $9 for gumbo, etc.) Unless you wanted a baked apple with cream or strawberries and cream for your first course, you had to pay an up charge for all the other items. I ordered an egg dish with shrimp that was swimming in oil. It was NOT good and I wish that I was exaggerating but It was really BAD. So far it has been one of my worst dining experiences in New Orleans. By the end of brunch, each of us spent $65 per person and we just stared at each other. We couldn't believe that after such a great weekend, we had been hoodwinked into an expensive, over-rated tourist trap. My friends ended their visit on a really bad note and I wished that I had just cooked brunch for them.....

I must admit that I've had trouble finding a great brunch in New Orleans. I've been to the Sheraton Hotel for their Jazz Brunch, The Court of Two Sisters, and Cafe Adelaide. Unfortunately, none of them have impressed me; and none were as disappointing as Brennans. Is there a nice brunch with Jazz music and really good food? It doesn't have to be fancy..... just not a place getting by on their name and the good old days.

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  1. Dante's uptown does a great brunch, though no jazz. Surrey's is delicious for brunch, though again no music. It would be awesome if Stella, August or Cuvee added a brunch. Could only imagine the wonders those kitches could work up for breakfast.

    1. I've had the same experience. Before the storm it was slightly better but I still won't return.

      1. You haven't been to Commander's? I thought Arnaud's did a fine job, too. And I'd like to try Ralph's on the Park. And I haven't been there for brunch, but I've always loved Cafe Degas.

        1. Commander's does a lovely brunch, and if you're looking for jazz with your brunch, try Palace Cafe. I agree wholeheartedly with Brennan's as possibly the most overrated spot in town...

          1. Might want to give Ralph's on the Park a "look-see." We've had two wonderful meals there and will look forward to returning.


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              Commander's, Ralph's and Palace Cafe do a fine brunch. Jazz at Commander's and Palace. Go to Commander's, excellent. We'll be there next Sunday for their brunch.

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                Marigny Brasserie does a great brunch with some fun music.