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Apr 13, 2008 08:45 AM

Lebanese Candy

I've recently become addicted to Lebanese candy (the Turkish Delight type stuff with nuts and chewy stuff...) but it is usually only sold in single packages. I've only found one place that sells larger containers of it up near the Jean-Talon market. Does anyone know where I can get lots of Lebanese candy near the Plateau or downtown? Thanks!!

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  1. I've never heard of Lebanese candy, but if what your looking for is loukoum, you can find boxes of it at Biscuiterie Oscar or the store that used to be Oscar on Mont-Royal east of Papineau. I've seen them in fruit stores and gourmet stores, too. Most of it is Hazer Baba brand from Turkey.

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      Oh yeah, I was just reminded that Nocochi on Mackay has loukoum. They're expensive but delicious. They also sell loukoum at Akhavan (they might even make it) on Sherbrooke West near Cavendish. Of course, there's tons of it at Adonis.

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        I also just remembered that some Loblaws sell Hazer Baba, too. I'm pretty sure the one at the Angus yards carries it.

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          The Lebanese place at JTM, La Khaïma I believe, sells a good variety of Loukoum. I love that stuff. Also, Anatole near Milano on St-Laurent as a decent selection.

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            Thanks!! I've been getting mine from Anatole, but I didn't know what they were called. And that's a bit far for me so I'm glad I've got some more options now:). Oh and they make it at Akhavan? I'm so there. Thanks again!