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Apr 13, 2008 08:29 AM

Week in Galveston

We are spending several days in Galveston April 20-23. Always go to Gaidos for lunch for dinner. Ready to try some of the local fare, i.e. diner, soul, mexican. Try to avoid the chain stuff. Any recommendations?

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    1. I've been thinking about your trip, and since you are going to be there a few days, here are a couple more places:

      The Diner on 61st St, close to the freeway. It's a homey little place full of regulars. Only open for breakfast and lunch, but we liked the breakfast, and didn't get a chance to have a lunch there.

      The Old Strand Emporium, on the Strand, has deli sandwiches, hot dogs, good sweets, and a wide variety of Texas Specialty foods you can buy. It is half a shop and half a deli. I like it, good fresh food and ice cold drinks. No website.

      The Stork Club on Post Office St. is also good. It's a bar that serves some food. Not much of a menu, but It is really good food.

      Press Box, also on Post Office St, but not near the Stork Club, is a neat little sports bar that has daily lunch and dinner specials, along with burgers and sandwiches. The lunch is only served during certain hours, and dang it was good.

      Leon's Finest In & Out BBQ on Broadway. This place is a small ramshackled house, but has good BBQ. It has a lot of take out business, but there are tables so you can eat there. Leon even came out of the kitchen to say hello, How ya doing. It is a local favorite, but if you are intimidated by being a minority in a mainly African American place - get over it, and enjoy.

      As you can tell, we like Galveston. There are some Mexican places we want to try, but a lot of them have odd hours. I would stop at the Visitor's Center and get a dining guide. We usually go in September for our Anniversary, and spend a few day, but didn't go last year, so make sure these places still exist! Also if you go to, and look at the cuisine list thay give you an option to view "Where the locals eat".

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      1. re: danhole

        Wow! Thanks for all the good info. We had burgers at the Spot last visit and feel we may miss the bikers since we will be there during the week.
        We will definitely check out Leons.

        1. re: john2

          We went over Memorial Day weekend and the bikers hang out at the Tiki Bar, not at The Spot. So don't be afraid to go, y'all!

      2. I agree with the previous post that you should try the Press Box. They have a limited menu but the burgers are great and they also have some very good specials.

        There are also a couple of places on 14th street that the locals like, The Mosquito Cafe, and also Sunflower Bakery. Both of these are very good. Mosquito in particular has some great menu items and also a great selection of fresh baked sweets.

        Just like most places in this area there is no shortage of Mexican food. I like Gorditas on Seawall around 7th. It is a little place that was originally a pizza hut but the food is very good and they have some traditional Mexican food along with Tex-Mex. If you do visit make sure you have cash because they do not accept cards.

        If you want something upscale I personally think that Palm's M&M on the corner of 24th and Church is the best restaurant on the island these days. The food is outstanding, the service is impeccable. If you would like a treat from the bar make sure you try their pineapple fusion, but I would suggest no more than two at the most if you want to enjoy the rest of the evening.

        Salt Water Cafe across from the 1894 Opera House is also pretty consistently good. They have a nice menu and service is good. While the weather is getting warmer I think they have one of the best gumbos in town and you should try it if you visit.

        Rudy and Paco's in the same block is also very good with a menu that has a bit of a South American flair. Just a note they are one of the only island restaurants that maintains a dress code. It is a minimal dress code, not requiring coat and tie but they do not allow shorts etc. They may have changed this since my last visit so you might want to call if it is an option .

        The Spot was also mentioned in a previous post and they have always had good po-boys and burgers. Be aware it has become VERY popular with the biker set and can be difficult to even get near on weekends. If the biker scene is your thing than you will enjoy it, if not just be aware it can be very, very crowded.

        If you would like a nice morning European pastry shop experience I suggest you visit Speculoo's on 23rd between Strand and Mechanic. They are simply a great patisserie.

        There is a soul food restaurant at 2602 Ball behind City Hall, Simps Kitchen. It is traditional soul cooking and only serves during lunch. You might give them a call before going to confirm hours.

        Previous post mentioned which I recommend you check out. Their dining section has a link to most establishments with menus posted online. It can be very helpful.

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        1. re: swamp

          swamp, do you know if the Stork Club is still around? I didn't see them listed on B4-U-Eat, which I thought was odd.

          We have been to The Spot when there were a lot of bikers there, and it wasn't a bother, but I have heard that it has more than it did before. It's really good, though. Worth a try.

          1. re: danhole

            Yes, the Stork Club is still on the corner of 21st and Post Office.

          2. re: swamp

            We were in Galveston over the Memorial Day weekend and, of course, our first stop was The Spot. It was pretty packed, with families! The bikers were at the Tiki Bar, not at The Spot. It was a bit of a wait to order our food, but once we did, it came out quickly and was as good as ever.

          3. I know this is a bit late but Olympia Grill 4908 Seawall is my latest crave. They have good gyros.

            Also Cajun Greek on 61st though I haven't been in awhile.

            Sky Bar for sushi but this place is a little on the pricier side. It's on Postoffice near 20th I think.

            A friend just recommended Simp's but I haven't been. It's soul food.

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            1. re: tlegray

              Can you tell me a little about the Cajun Greek's menu, please? I heard they have great boiled crawfish, which I love, but what else is on the menu that a super picky husband would eat? We are talking a meat and potatoes only kind of guy.

              1. re: danhole

                Cajun Greek is a small place in an older strip mall. Nothing fancy. Burgers, gyros, poboys, fried shrimp, and catfish. (from what I remember)

                My favorite thing at Cajun Greek is their phillly cheese steak sandwich. The steak is prepared well but the thing I enjoy most about it is the chipotle mayo which is optional. They will ask if you want reg. mayo or chipotle. If they don't ask you get regular. I always request it. I believe you can order chipotle mayo on any of their sandwiches/poboys. They have good onion rings too.

                When in season you'll see allot of people ordering the crab legs. Crawfish is also a seasonal thing.


                1. re: tlegray

                  Thanks for the menu. I couldn't find one. They have plain hamburgers, so that will work for the DH. We have driven by there and it doesn't seem appealing from the street, but I have heard good things about it, and want to try next visit.

                  1. re: tlegray

                    I'm a big fan of the Cajun Greek. Its good, unpretentious, hole in the wall seafood and burgers (and evidently both Cajun and Greek food). Everything I've ordered there has been good and the seafood has always been fresh and reasonably price. That said, the Cajun Greek is the slowest restaurant I have ever been to in my entire life. On a busy night I have had them take up to an hour and 45 minutes to bring any food to the table. Which generally doesn't bother me that much, but if you are someone who doesn't like to wait, or just happens to be very hungry right at that moment, you might be better off somewhere else.

                    1. re: benjym

                      benjy, thanks for the review of the cajun greek. i've heard raves of the restaurant in my own circles and hope to get down there soon.

              2. We love Casey's. It is fresh seafood and informal dining.