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Your Favorite Jarritos Flavor

I'd love to hear about your favorite Jarritos flavor. This is one of my favorite sweeter sodas. And no, I don't work for them.

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  1. My favorite is manzana (apple) but it seems to always be sold out at the stores where I shop- must be other people's favorite too!

      1. pina, for sure. manzana is a close 2nd!

        1. Pina is awesome. Try it with ice cream!!!!

              1. tutti-frutti and manzana!

                1. They're all good, but the best has to be guava.

                  1. Tamarindo by a MILE!
                    Other flavors taste too processed to me.

                    1. Mandarin is the only one I ever get.

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                          I've never seen "Jamaica"- what does it taste like? Looks like I need to search out "Pina" too...

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                              Jamaica (pronounced "ha-mika") is a red "fruit punch"-looking beverage made out of hibiscus flowers. Agua de jamaica is brewed like a tea by pouring hot water over the dried flowers, steeping, and sweetening to taste. Hibiscus is one of the two main flavors in Red Zinger tea, the other one being rose hips. Jamaica is a little tart, not citrus-y, and usually way over-sweetened. Fresh is great. Artificial is, well, artificial.

                              But I still really like the Jarritos jamaica soda. Tamarindo is great, too.

                              Anyone try the mango or sandia yet?

                              1. re: rockycat

                                I doubt I'd like the mango, because mango flavoring is usually vile, but I forgot about the sandia flavor. It rawks!

                          1. In order of preference:

                            Guayaba (such a pretty shade of pink, too!)

                              1. Gotta go with the Mandarin Orange, for sure!

                                1. Toronja FTW! You'll never go near Fresca again. I find it's less popular than Tamarind or Watermelon, so you have to enjoy it whenever you come across it.

                                  1. Another vote for Toronja (grapefruit). Pina is my backup if I can't get the grapefruit, but the pina flavor is a bit too sweet for me.

                                    I've never seen Manzana - is it a limited edition?


                                    1. I'm sticking to the three (?) all-natural flavors - tamarindo, jamaica and mandarina.

                                      1. Grapefruit. But the Tamarindo is delicious, also.