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Apr 13, 2008 07:54 AM

Steakhouse, please!

I'll be visiting a friend in Chicago. I'm from Florida and a true foodie. She's a real steak-and-potatoes kind of gal, would never order fish or chicken in a restaurant, forget about sushi or anything with vegetables. I will be picking her up in Oak Park and dropping her back off in Elk Grove Village. I'd like to take her out for a sensation dinner. I don't mind the drive into the city. Any suggestions?? All are appreciated.

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  1. You can find an extensive discussion of the best steaks in the city and suburbs in the topic at It includes links to the restaurant websites, where you can look up their location(s).

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      1. Your friend and I would get along well. I am also a steak and potatoes kind, never order fish, or anything with vegetables. I also live in Elk Grove Village! My sister-in-law (who is from Brazil) recently took me to one of those Brazilian meat places. Even though I normally don't order salad or like salad bars, the one at Texas de Brazil (there is one in Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg - between Lord & Taylor and Sears on the upper level) has the best salad bar. I could fill up on just that with all the meat and cheese there. Some great soup, too! I don't like peppers or anything spicy but they had a "yellow pepper" soup that is like a cream soup. No veggies or peppers in it and it was one of the most delicious soups I have ever had.

        The "gauchos" go around with those huge skewers serving all kinds of meat. If she doesn't like chicken, they have pork. If she doesn't like pork, they have all kinds of red meat and will serve it rare, well done, etc. Depends on which gaucho has what. Just let them know how you like your meat and what kind and they will bring it to you! Personally, I like mine rare and that is what I got. Delicious!

        Dinner is $34.99 for all you can eat but you get the exact same thing for lunch which is only $19.99.

        Since you are the visitor, and not as picky as her, there will be plenty more for you to eat as well. In other words, you will both love it.

        Captial Grille (in Lombard or there is one downtown) is the BEST! But very pricey. Their filet mignon is the best I have ever had as they age their beef really long. There are also plenty of steak places around Woodfield mall. My mom's favorite is Wildfire but I think it is all a la carte. Personally, I would go for Texas de Brazil.

        I also think they have a Morton's and a Weber Grill restaurant by Woodfield Mall. I have never tried them but have heard a lot of good things.

        1. As another poster recommended, Joes Seafood, prime Steaks and Stone Crab is a regular spot for me. I also enjoy steaks @ Saloon Steakhouse, David Burke's, and Mortons Chicago location only.

          I do not care for Gibsons, or the chain Capital Grill.

          1. The original comment has been removed