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Apr 13, 2008 07:52 AM

Lively, tasty dinner for 10 in/near Clinton Hill?

Anyone have any recommendations for a dinner place which:

a) has a fun, lively atmosphere
b) could take recommendations for a group of 10 or 11
c) has good vegetarian-friendly options (but isn't pure vegetarian)
d) has tasty food
e) is not super-expensive (though it needn't be dirt cheap)
f) is in or near Clinton Hill?


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    1. re: Claire

      iCi meets that crieria. In Ft. Greene.

    2. Thanks. How about Madiba -- good choice?

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      1. re: shivohum

        I think not--does not meet criteria d) and e), IMO.
        Nice place to drink, not to eat.

      2. Luz would be a really good choice

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        1. re: sadarami

          Hrm -- didn't see any vegetarian entrees. Am I missing something?

          1. re: sadarami

            I wanted to add a quick plug for Luz. Based on the recommendations of hounders, I tried Luz last Saturday night with a group of 6. Although they didn't exactly honor the reservation on time, everyone was so nice and the food was very tasty. It has an excellent vibe and I would highly recommend for a fun group night out.

            I thought the arepa de queso was outstanding. We reordered them because they were so delicious (and vegetarian). My companions devoured the whole chicken (they said it was as moist as could be and very flavorful) and really enjoyed the shrimp ceviche and the both beef dishes on the menu.

            The drinks are hit or miss. The mojitos were pretty good, the capirihna (sp) only got better with more sips. ;)

            1. Hello,
              What about Bonita?
              -Lively and fun Mexican restaurant that is nice, more upscale.
              -can take that many people if u call far enough in advance.
              -I am not sure how many veggie options but I am aware of vegetarian quesadillas.
              -Food is good and reliable.
              -Isn't to cheap but isn't to expensive
              -On Deeklab border of clinton hill and ft greene