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Jul 11, 2002 12:09 AM

Lotus Festival This Weekend

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The annual Lotus Festival is this weekend in Echo Park. What are the eats like?

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    The lotus festival is great fun for the local kids and the flowers themselves are beautiful, but it isn't big on gourmet food- although I must admit, those big, fat grilled hot dogs loaded with grilled onions and bell peppers definitely satisfy as much as an expensive meal at a restaurant! It's all food you don't eat everyday (lest the Artery Clogger strike you down!) but it tastes so good in that outdoor fest environment. Mostly pizza, burritos, hot dogs, snow cones and the like, although a lot of Echo Park vendors serve up tasty grilled corn-on-the-cob that they douse with butter, lime, cayenne, or whatever else you like.

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    1. It seems that in past years the majority of food offerings has been thai(mostly), philipino, and some regular carnival food for good measure.
      The mission of the festival on the LA Parks site reads:
      "...The Food Booth area will offer a variety of Asian and Pacific Islander cuisine, that will feature foods and enticing delicacies, which are traditional to their native country. "
      That seems to me a bit of an overstatement. Not much variety here, compared to more specialized asian festivals. It can be a great place to enjoy the sun and have a halo-halo, while wandering through the island of plants they create, and checking out the entertainment.
      There's a Tacos Mexico a little north of Echo Park and just a little further a Spain restaurant for paella (haven't been yet). I also do recommend the mango juice which is sold at 1 or 2 juice stands they have set up. They have many flavours, but I haven't been able to pull myself away from the mango. Anyone tried the Tiger's milk (I think that's what it was)? There are also plenty of (deeply) fried bananas around for snacking.


      1. The food is hit and miss, bit the Fireworks show on Saturday night at 9:30 is not to be missed.

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          So, those were the fireworks we saw from our house tonight.