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Apr 13, 2008 07:22 AM

Restaurants in St. Kitts

I'd like to spin off some discussion for restaurants in St. Kitts from my previous post on Nevis.

phelena provides some excellent advice on local dishes in that thread, and perhaps has some recommendations for Kittitian cuisine.

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  1. It's been several years since we've been to St. Kitts, but we had some WONDERFUL dinners at the Waterfalls Restaurant at Ocean Terrace Inn (OTI). Breakfast and lunch there were just OK, but the dinners were some of the most creative and delicious we've had in the Caribbean.

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    1. re: Anne

      That sounds fantastic - is it pricey? Also - I noticed they have a Friday buffet - any chance you've tried that before?

      1. re: lambretta76

        As I remember, the prices were in line for a fine dining establishment. I really don't remember the buffet. My guess is that you'd be happier with ordering off the menu. The meals were beautifully presented , as well as being delicious. I'd be afraid something would be "lost in translation" in a buffet.

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          Rawlins Plantation Inn for a lovely island buffet--gorgeous surroundings.

    2. In Basseterre (town), Ballyho (sp) for real local fare and drinks.

      1. Just got back. Hurricace Omar cut my trip short.

        Go to Cathy's on the beach. Real simple place with great food grilled over wood. I had jerk pork ribs and chicken, mutton stew and local grilled lobster. And all of the fixings.

        Bobsy's is good too. Had lobster curry over rice and an ice cold Heiniken. They have a special fridge that keep the beer at about 29F.

        1. has anyone tried Ottley's Plantation Inn lately???

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            Lately? No -- I'll be returning this coming spring. But I have been to St. Kitts several times over the years and each time I've had one or more meals at the Royal Palm (at Ottley's). Each one has been very good to excellent. I always love the walk from the parking lot to the restaurant at night with frogs jumping all around. In any event, barring dramatic changes, I suspect it's as good as ever.

          2. I was there once in about 2001. I'm not a fancy meal person, but stopped at a few local places. I don't remember names but I had some of the best roti's ever on St. Kitts. I would heavily recommend getting one from a local shack.