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Apr 13, 2008 07:17 AM

I forgot! Searching for a place in Minneapolis

I'm trying to find a restaurant's website that I briefly visited in the last month or two, and foolishly failed to bookmark. I cannot remember the name of the place, though it might have been a person's name.
Here's what I know:
-I believe that the cuisine was labeled African Asian fusion, though I remember it as having a more African bent. Perhaps Caribbean? I do understand that Asia and the Caribbean are kinda far apart, but hey, I'm free-associating, here.
-I believe that the place was in South Minneapolis, perhaps in the Lake-Hiawatha area.
-It was not in Saint Paul.
-The website was jolly, brightly colored, and featured photos of entrees.
-I don't believe that it was Tam-Tam's (which seems more purely African).
-I'm not finding it, so far, in any thread that I have contributed to.

I'm not sure that I could make this vaguer if I tried, but anyone have suggestions?

thanx for any help, here. If I do find it, I promise to bookmark it this time.

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  1. Is it T's Place on E. Lake?

    T's Place
    2713 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

    1. it sounds like "t's place" allright. and i don't know what's up with that restaurant-- we tried to eat there and arrived at 5:30 pm a couple weeks ago to find the door locked and the place empty, but all the advertising neons brightly lit in the windows. someone else in another msp thread had a similar experience, so i specifically asked a friend who's a distributor about t's place. he was tight-lipped but mentioned "licensing issues" that would hopefully get worked out soon. has anyone tried to go to t's place more recently and found their doors open?

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      1. re: soupkitten

        Spouse and I ate at T's Place on Thursday (4/10). An inexpensive dinner as the $14.99 combo platter was plenty big for the two of us. The Roti Prata (our old favorite from Singapore! where T used to cook) was sheer overkill. Didn't look at alcohol and don't recall them suggesting any, despite the bar dominating the dining room. Are they serving liquor?

        Anyway, for desert we walked over to Town Talk Diner and sat at the bar to consume a couple of "Adult Malts." Those cost more than the food from T's. A very enjoyable date, though.

        1. re: EarlOfSandwich

          Thanks for the update! I really do need to try that place, as I have been kicking myself for not getting to Singapore while T was there.

          1. re: EarlOfSandwich

            thanks very much EoS! okay, will try eating at t's again soon!

        2. HA! YESSS!!!!
          <punches air with fist>

          Many thanks,both of you!
          Ah, I love these boards...