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Apr 13, 2008 07:08 AM

vegetarian options near Copley Place?

I'm staying at the Marriott Copley Place next week, and would love some vegatarian-friendly restaurant suggestions in that area. Suggestions for Thai, Indian, and Ethiopian restaurants would be especially welcomed. Also, are there any good local coffee/pastry shops for a quick breakfast on the go?

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  1. for Ethiopian try Addis Red Sea in the south end. not far from your hotel at all. India Quality in Kenmore Square for Indian.

    1. Cafe Jaffa is on Gloucester btwn Newbury & Boylston has good middle eastern/israeli, if that's of any interest to you. Nearest Thai place that gets good reviews is Montien on Stuart St near Tremont (about 10-15 min walk). Not sure about Indian, maybe ask around about Tantric, on Stuart?

      1. Ditto India Quality. I also like Kashmir on Newbury Street.

        For Thai, there's Bangkok Blue on Boylston across from the library. L'Aroma Cafe on Newbury (between Berkeley and Clarendon) has great coffee, pastries and is also good for lunch (soup/salad/sandwiches).

        1. For Thai, I'd walk a little farther and head to Chilli Duck on Boylston, the best Thai in that area in my opinion. Kashmir does decent Indian, though catering a little more to the higher-end crowd. India Quality is a nice homey feel, with great food and reasonable prices. If you do head near Montien, you are basically heading into Chinatown, which will offer a number of vegetarian options at the various Chinese, Vietnamese and even Malaysian restaurants.