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Macroons in OC/ Long Beach/So. Bay

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Can someone give me a rec for a bakery that makes good passover macroons close to Seal Beach? I can drive but would rather not have to go all the way to West LA. Thanks!

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  1. Katella Deli in Los Al has macaroons, but not sure if they are 'passover' macaroons??? You might want to give them a call.

    Katella Deli-Restaurant
    4470 Katella Ave, Los Alamitos, CA 90720

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        Katella is kosher style. Not strictly kosher for passover, but if the poster doesn't stringently observe the kosher for passover rules, they'll be fine.

      2. I always buy macarons at Babette Bakery at Anaheim/Atlantic. I am ignorant about the requirements for passover but they're good!

        (562) 218-8877