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Apr 13, 2008 06:47 AM

Kosher for Passover in Cambridge/Somerville?

It's my first Passover in Massachusetts, and I realized I have no idea which grocery stores I should go to to stock up for the holiday. A quick perusal of the board tells me that the Butcherie in Brookline is Pesach ground zero, but anything beyond that? I'm willing to travel a bit, but if there are any supermarkets on this side of the river with large KFP sections (I go through something like 5 containers of Temptee cream cheese during the holiday), please let me know posthaste!

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  1. Lexington Stop and Shop is actually pretty good, though not as great as the Butcherie. The big Shaw's in Porter Sq can be better than you'd think, but I haven't been in a few years. I also remember Broadway market having Pesach items, but am not sure.

    Good luck!

    1. Stop and Shops, in general, do a good job as far as stocking up for Pesach. When I lived in Cambridge/Arlington I used to try and get to the Brighton Stop & Shop, which seems especially well stocked. The Arlington S&S on Mass. Ave. is OK. The Butcherie will have everything you need, and will also be a total zoo unless you hit it first thing in the morning or during the workday.

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        Unfortunately - during the workday the Butcherie will be a zoo this week. On the other hand, you can find everything you need, and gets lots of helpful advice from the other shoppers as you maneuver past their carts!

        Lexington S&S has Temptee today - 2.50 for the small size.

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          Stop & Shop has identified several of its stores as Passover Superstores. The big market on N. Beacon Street in Brighton is one of them. In general, I think S&S has a better selection than Shaw's.

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            The Stop and Shop at Broadway and McGrath Hwy just stocked their Passover goods this weekend. Not an enormous selection, but not terrible either. Good for the basics (although no Parve Coca-Cola which was a disappointment).

          2. Not quite what you asked, but I got an email that the always excellent Craigie Street Bistrot, just outside Harvard Square, is doing a Passover dinner on 4/20 and 4/22.

            It's pricey ($75/pp), clearly not for Orthodox observers, and I don't know if they have any seating left, but dishes like Moroccan haroseth-stuffed Vermont organic quail and chocolate mousse poached pears à la Beaujolais sure sound tasty.

            1. Last year, I was desperate for fresh horseradish and ended up finding it in Malden, at the Super Stop and Shop near the T-station off Rte. 60. They had a huge (by Boston suburban standards) selection of Passover foods catering to a Russian-Jewish emigre population in town.

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                Yes - I totally forgot. Malden's Super stop & shop was where we used to go to get kosher frozen latkes in bulk!