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Apr 13, 2008 06:47 AM

Frankly Burgers and More in Freehold

I was driving by the Raintree Shopping Center where the Foodtown is located and saw a place called Frankly Burger or Frank's Burgers and More sign was up. But, it looks like work is going on inside. Does anybody know more about this?

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  1. I didn't notice that and I am there just about every it near the liquor store on that end or near Paneras or what? Whatever happened to Patti Cakes restaurant...I've been waiting for that forever.

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    1. re: shesallthat

      It's in the same strip mall as Foodtown. It's right next door to a chiropractor's office there.

      From a couple of months ago, I asked somebody when Patti Cakes was going to open and they had no idea. I think they have a problem with the township in obtaining a CO.

      1. re: wench31

        I was there again today and forgot to look. I'm never on that side, I will have to make note.

      2. re: shesallthat

        Patti Cakes is now open. They opened yesterday and serving breakfast all day. Haven't been there to eat yet.

        1. re: wench31

          This is totally anecdotal, but I was in Baco's Pizza for lunch today (also in Mount's Corner), and a woman stormed in and announced deliberately loudly enough for all to hear that she had waited nearly an hour for completely inedible food at Patticakes (she was getting pizza because she was hungry after her meal). I'm sure Patticakes will have the typical opening pains, but this was not a promising first report (even if the source may be questionable).

          1. re: jsfein

            I can't believe Patticakes is finally open. We've been waiting what...2 years already. It would be nice to have a great breakfast place to go to nearby...but we shall see.

      3. It's a new place. They are planning on opening sometime in June. They will be serving different styles of burgers, franks with choices of toppings, as well as other home made foods. The burgers will be made fresh on site daily. When I find out some more, I'll let you know.

        ADDED: The name is: Frankly Burgers & more

        1. I picked up a menu recently and attaching it! Still haven't gotten a chance to try it yet!

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          1. re: wench31

            That menu is not from Frankly Burgers, just so no one is mislead.
            From the owners:
            "The menu posted is not for Frankly Burgers. Our menu consists of Angus beef burgers (Never Frozen), Homemade chili sauce for both burgers and dogs. Fresh french fries and onion rings. Our signature cole slaw . Also Homemade pulled pork and roast beef sandwiches. There will be a lot of different varieties of burgers and dogs. We will also feature green salads and pasta salads. In addition we will carry some chicken and fish items that are sure to please your palate. Dinner specials will be posted daily. They will include special recipes that have been carried on for generations. I hope you will join us!!!"

            1. re: Photoman15

              Photoman -- are you affiliated with Frankly Burgers? If so, when are you opening?

              1. re: jsfein

                It's my brother-in-law and his wife. I will be doing their website. The looking to open in July. There seems to be a lot of bureaucracy in opening a business in NJ :)

                Thanks for asking. Hope to see you there.

                1. re: Photoman15

                  Hey, Photoman15,

                  Bureaucracy when opening a *business* surprises you? Have you ever done major construction on your house? lol

                  In any case, I look forward to trying Frankly Burgers once it is open.

                  Btw, when you do the website, please, please, please include the hours of operation. You would be surprised at how many restaurant websites neglect to include this vital information. Oh, and be sure to come back and post the url. Thanks! :-)

                  1. re: Photoman15

                    Hey photoman15, what's going on with Frankly Burgers? Are they opening soon?

                2. re: Photoman15

                  Oops! Sorry. That menu is for Patticakes. Forgot to write that down.

              2. If all goes well (town stuff), Frankly Burgers & more should be opening the 1st or 2nd week of January 2009.

                The website will have the menu, directions and store hours within a few days.

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                1. re: Photoman15

                  Please post the url for the website when it is working.

                2. This place appears to have opened yesterday.