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Apr 13, 2008 06:43 AM

Pasquale's in Calgary?

Has anyone else tried this restaurant? I went there and was favorably impressed. It was a random place to stop... I picked it because I saw a billboard advertisement. :)

The service was a little off, but only right at the start... someone I think was the manager saw me and asked if I was being helped and when he saw I wasn't, he found me a seat and flagged down the waitress. Staffing problems, perhaps, but that's Calgary for you. The food now was very good. It's Italian, and I had one of the more expensive dishes. I believe it was beef medallions and scallops. I vastly enjoyed it and the service was good.

I was a little surprised when I checked the Internet and found almost no reviews for Pasquale's, and the few I found were bad. So I thought I'd ask, was my experience an anomaly? Because I was thinking of taking my family there for a special occassion. Thanks!

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  1. I eat there all the time. He has been around for years. The prices are reasonable, food is consistent and pleasant atmosphere.

    1. I haven't eaten there personally, but I have heard the odd favorable review and I know several people that have had good meals there.

      1. I would definitly recommend it. Incredible salads. Good portions. Consistent service.
        The owner is present most of the time and keeps a close eye on things. Lunch and dinner times are busy so plan around these. Dean in Canada

        1. The original comment has been removed