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Apr 13, 2008 06:14 AM

Taqueria in Tucson. No quiero taco bell.

Greetings Tucsonians,

I am heading this week to Tucson for a long weekend and I am interested in finding some fantastic authentic tacos. We are staying over in west Tucson, but I am willing to travel far if necessary. I would also take recommendations for a pozoleria and a kick ass home made mole, but tacos are my primary concern.

Thanks very much!


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  1. Well, for tacos, I'd hit any of one of the innumerable taco trucks on the south side. Irvington x 12th Ave is a decent starting point. Otherwise, posole and mole aren't really all that common here. Tucson is burro/burrito, carne asada, carne seca and Sonoran hot dog country.

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      Are the taco trucks you mention open late? I'm getting in to Tucson at 10p on a Friday night. Will any of the trucks still be around?

      1. re: Wolfgang

        I'm not usually down there at night. Coming in that late, I'd make a run to Mi Nidito on south 4th Ave in South Tucson. It's exceptional and I think they're open until midnight on Fri & Sat. I always get the President's Plate (their sampler platter) which has a truly exceptional birria taco on it. I'm not a big fan of their bean tostada, but everything else, chile relleno, enchilada, tamale, even the table salsa is just amazingly good. I could live on their salsa. Really.

    2. Thanks. I will roam around and check out Mi Nidito tambien.

      1. On the West side of Tucson(Grant and Fairview), there is a place that should make you very happy. It is called Taqueria Juanitos. It is a little family owned joint that makes the best tacos in town. Their carnitas are absolutely the best and the al pastor tacos are darn good.

        I usually recommend for Mexican cuisine aficionados, the Gray Line Best of the Barrio tour. It goes to all family owned eateries on south 12th, It includes a great bakery and four other places. Check out the link below

        All the best to you in your hunt.

        1. My favorite mole's in town have all come from Cafe Poca Cosa. They vary theirs on an almost daily basis, and while some aren't what I would call traditional, they've all been delicious.

          For posole, I'd check out the Mexican places on and around Church, between Speedway and Broadway (Just west of the freeway, watch out for closed underpasses due to current construction).

          1. I haven't lived in Tucson for a few years, but if I had a taco craving I would head down to south 6th Ave. and see if Pico de Gallo is still open. (No reason it should be closed, but living in Phoenix I am used to restaurants like this not surviving.)

            For mole, try El Torero, which is off south 4th Ave. a few blocks of 22nd St. I don't know the address (since I could find my way there blindfolded). Look for the billboard with the cartoony bullfighter. Poca Cosa is always fantastic, but if you are going for the "home made" angle try these two gems.

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              Oh, yeah, I'll second El Torero for sure. I haven't been there for a while, and had forgotten about them (until reminded). I think I'll head out there some evening this week. Definitely good mole.