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Apr 13, 2008 05:04 AM

Chinese & non-Chinese in Flushing & beyond?

My wife & I are going to be staying at a hotel in Flushing for 3 nights & 2½ days (without a car) in early May and are unfamiliar with the area and would like suggestions for particular dishes at local inexpensive ethnic restaurants/bakeries for breakfast, lunch & dinner within a mile or so of the Main St-Flushing stop of the 7 train. Of course we could take public transport and then walk a mile.

Clearly we'll find plenty of cheap Chinese food in the area which we'll know how to order (she is Chinese), but even she would also like something else.

Fussy points: she's become a lacto-ovo vegetarian, but is unenthusiastic about Buddhist style vegetarian fare. The only vegetarian I really like is South Asian food, but I'm not fond of big pieces of meat (steaks or chops) either. We particularly like "Indian", Thai, and Mexican food, but are ready to be educated.

We live in a small-town culinary wasteland and my drool from reading the postings keeps shorting out my keyboard. I am starting to believe I could throw a stone from our hotel and randomly hit a decent place to eat. (Hell, now I want to move to Flushing!) Originally we were considering the contestants of the "vendies", but now I wonder if there's any point in going to Manhattan for cheap eats.

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  1. As others will tell you, there really is no point going to Manhattan. :)

    I'm sure you've checked out some of the postings on Flushing already - but also search for Jackson Heights postings, since you are a short train ride away on the 7. There's Indian/Bengali, Mexican, and Thai food galore (you have to go to Sripaphai) - as well as Tibetan/Nepali and Korean. I really like the watercress and papaya salads (can be made veggie-friendly) at Sripaphai. If you like steet vendors, there's a Tibetan street vendor called Shangrila Express in Jackson Heights, very close to Sammy's who won a vendy award a few years ago.

    I usually eat lots of meat when I go to Flushing, so am unable to help you out there...sorry! You might want to go into the Malaysian restaurants on 40th Road (Malaysia Restaurant at 135-17 40th Road is a recent find) in Flushing and try out some vegetarian dishes such as rojak, poh piah, and Ipoh bean sprouts - and finish it up with a durian chendol.

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      You probably should consider yourself lucky that you have the vegetarian constraint; otherwise you have so many options to consider it would make your head spin! I follow this board and it drives me nuts that I am 3,000 miles away most of the time.

      Flushing + the #7 line is as good as it gets for cheap and varied ethnic eats. Here are some threads I've been tracking:


      And here's a laundry list of all possible eats within half a mile of any 7 line subway stop in Queens I put together:


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          Hah, I'm actually looking for a cheap co-op in the JH-Elmhurst-Corona area for part-time and eventual full-time residence. Now tell me, how many people in sunny California buy retirement homes in Queens? .

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            If it weren't for the cold NY winters, my wife & might do the same.

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              I grew up in upstate New York in the St. Lawrence River valley, so I know what I'm facing. Building insulation and heating back there also take climate into account, and I'm sure I'll be cozier there in the winter (indoors at least) than in my 100-year old SF apartment. I'm more concerned with summer heat. You can dress for the cold, but not for the heat. But love of food can conquer all!