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Apr 12, 2008 11:55 PM

Feast at Lele vs Old Lahaina Lu'au

For those that know just was curious what you thought was better in terms on environment, food and show.

Looking for something outdoors in a tropical setting. It seems as if the food at Lele may be a little better. Please help. Thanks. :0

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  1. I went to the Old Lahaina Lu'au in February and it felt very touristy to me. Before dinner, you walk around the grounds. It is a lovely setting. They had traditional crafts and you could watch them unearth the pig

    The food was meh, nothing special. They herded us through the buffet, table by table. There wasn't really an opportunity to go back. I enjoyed the open bar, though. Our table was all the way in the back, so we didn't have any kind of ocean view and pretty much our view was the bar on one side and the buffet on the other. I also got bored with the show, but that may have been the result of too many lava flows.

    1. I've only done the Old Lahiana Lu`au, and that was many, many years ago. It was good, and in those days, not too "touristy." That was then, we are now decades removed. I've asked on the Hawai`i Usentet, but have never gotten any response on which lu`uas are really "authentic," of good.

      Best one that I have ever atended was at Sea Life Park, for a client's international sales meeting. I think that most of it was from the PCC, but could be wrong.


      1. Just got back from Maui where we went to Feasts at Lele. I haven't been to Old Lahaina so I can't give you a comparison. We really enjoyed Feasts. Food was good, some even great. Entertainment was good and service was excellent. We liked having our own table and the tables are tiered and arranged in such a way that everyone can clearly see the show. I would recommend Feasts at Lele.

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          I'm going to ditto this review.

          We thought the food to be good with unique and interesting flavors. Luau's we've been to in the past have been buffet's....never a good sign. Dinner service here was excellent and friendly.

          Yes, it's touristy but not as bad as some. We even liked the fact that surfers were coming off the ocean in the background.

          Our teenage kids are always mortified at the thought looking like tourists. Now, we are not wearing black socks with sandals but I don't mind the idea or respectfully visiting an region and revealing to locals that we appreciate their home. We live in an area the people like to come visit and feel proud to show off how special it is without disdain.

 one with your tourism spirit!!

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            Another positive review for The Feasts at Lele:

            "The Feasts at Lele: this was a really big hit with everyone. I have never seen my father-in-law look so happy – he was entranced by the hula girls – made me smile. I loved that it wasn’t a buffet and drinks were included. We had 2 waiters and they were attentive even though the place was packed. They took the time to bring me a few dishes to substitute for the shell fish items, which I thought was a very considerate thing for them to do, and made sure I knew what to avoid – no one was in the mood for an Epi-pen episode. Everyone loved the food and the different native dances."

            We were in Maui with the entire family last June for my in-law's anniversary.

            frisbeesage - how was the rest of your trip? Get a pancake? ;-)

          2. We went to the OLL and had a wonderful time. The ahi poke was very good along with some other dishes. The drinks were also very good and unlimited. The location and entertainment were a treat for us mainlanders. All in all, it was a memorable event - not the best food on the island, but very good for a lu'au.

            1. Appreciate all of the info. I guess I am looking for a place that has a tropical env., views of the ocean, etc. Is it better to do the traditional Hawaiian seats on mats or traditional tables/chairs?

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                We did the "traditional" mat seating at the Old Lahaina Lu'au and did not like them. The ground was very hot, and it was awkward seating for the tall members. I would recommend the table and chairs for a much more comfortable time. The views were great from the front though.

                I have heard that the Feast at Lele has better food, but the Old Lahaina Lu'au had better entertainment. The OLL at night after a day exploring Lahaina is a great day in Maui - IMO.

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                  Even though I am not likely to benefit directly from this thread, I'm very glad that the folk have posted. This is a common question on this board, and only varies by Island. I have attempted to get some "local" input, but have failed.

                  It is only by the reviews of those, who have "been there - done that," that the subscribers can get an idea of what they should expect.