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Apr 12, 2008 10:42 PM

ISO: Bubble and squeak

Any of you Brits (or others) out there who might know a restaurant with Bubble and Squeak on the menu? For the uninitiated, it's a dish of fried cabbage, potatoes, bacon and onion - sort of the ultimate in leftovers. Thanks.

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  1. Village Idiot has it (at least it did when I was there during their grand opening period).

    Village Idiot
    7383 Melrose Ave
    Phone: 323-655-3331

    1. Are you looking for this in LA? I don't know of any places in LA, but I believe the Olde Ship in both Santa Ana and Fullerton has bubble and squeak on the menu. I usually just get Mr FoodieKat to cook it for me though. With Bisto. Aaah, Bisto! :-)

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        Mme Zoe cooks this for me too also using Aaa Bisto! BUT Bisto with onion - a gray that Devil Chow and his Missus enjoy on their dinner chicken/kibble.

        1. re: ZoeZ

          Only ever Bisto with onion - or maybe leek. This works well with bangers and mash too.

      2. I've seen it as a special at Robin Hood Pub in Studio City but it's not on the regular menu. You could always call and see they have it. Their specials are weekly rather than daily and the food is always great.

        1. Maggie's has it on special sometimes.

          Maggie's Pub
          11900 Telegraph Rd, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670