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Apr 12, 2008 09:16 PM

Four days in NYC, some must eats?

My wife and I are going to NY with a couple of friends in August and are looking for some recommendations. We're going to be up near Yankees Stadium for a game one day and down by Shea for another, so we could use some advice in those two areas. We'll also be on the Upper West Side alot, so any recommendations up that way would be helpful. We're open to any ethic variety and can use advice for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but are trying to keep the price down. Also, as we'll be going to games, we will be casually dressed, so places that aren't too fancy would probably be best.

In addition, my wife and I would also like to find someplace for the two of us to go for dinner as we will be arriving a day early. We're looking for something more upscale, preferably smaller and chef run, maybe up near the Upper West Side since that where we will be staying.

Thanks in advance


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  1. On the UWS, definitely try Barney Greengrass for the best lox, nova and whitefish salad in the city. It could be a good breakfast before you hop on the 1 train to the Bronx. As far as nice dinner places: the chefs at Dovetail, Telepan and Compass are all notable. Telepan, a small townhouse restaurant owned and operated by Chef Bill Telepan sounds like the perfect spot for you. Also consider Kefi for one of your casual meals.

    For lunch in the area, there are plenty of good, inexpensive restaurants: Pio Pio, Pinch and S'mac, Artie's Delicatessen, Blondie's (allegedly the best buffalo wings in NYC), Thai Market, Patsy's pizeria, Cafe Frida should get you started.

    1. Out in Queens, you should try La Fusta on Baxter Avenue in Jackson Heights....Argentine Steak at it's best -- get the skirt steak -- it's only about 14 dollars. UWS and upscale - Ouest is nice, and Nice Matin.

      1. Well, forget food in the Yankee Stadium vicinity. The best food near Yankee Stadium is literally the Hebrew National frankfurter guy who stands near Gate 6. They're hot (if you wait for him to finish completely setting up...some people are impatient. These guys set up about 1 hour before a game, and the franks are good about 1/2 hour before the game). You can even get hot sauerkraut on the dog. It's a better dog than any INSIDE the Stadium. After the game, try Arthur Avenue since you're already going to be in the Bronx. In fact, in the Arthur Avenue locale, and actually on Belmont Avenue, is a fantastic restaurant by the name of Roberto's. Fantastic food, long wait, no rezzos. On Arthur Avenue itself is Dominic's (not very good, but a cool scene). The stuffed artichoke is great though. There are other restaurants along the avenue as well. Mario's might even be better than Dominic's. I can't say honestly, since I haven't eaten at either place due to disappointment on the last visit. Honestly, for my money, if you like southern, homestyle Italian you still can't beat Carmine's in Manhattan. It's a must-stop if you're with a family. As for Shea vicinity, the only thing I can tell you for sure is that Main Street in Flushing is loaded with Chinese and Korean places. Some of them HAVE to be good. I don't get over there much, since the Mets don't count (LOL).