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Apr 12, 2008 08:31 PM

Raw sugar cane - where to buy? [Moved from Home Cooking board]

Does anyone know of a source for raw sugar cane sticks--either online or in the NYC area?

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  1. A well-stocked Mexican, Puerto Rican or South American market shoud have them. Have you looked for such in the Yellow Pages?

    1. Hi - we've moved this to the General Topics board, where on line sources are discussed. The OP is welcome to post a query on the appropriate NYC area board for sources there, which are off topic here.


      1. ive seen them in the "tropical food section" at stop n shops. They have those in nyc, right? They come in plastic bags

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          Turbinado sugar is raw cane sugar.
          You can probably find it at upscale supermarkets, health food stores, and on line:

        2. In most places, the harvest will not be taking place for a few months yet. Depnding on the latitude, usually Aug - Nov will yield more sources.

          Still, I've seen sugar cane sticks at Whole Foods, though usually in the very late Summer - Fall. Do not know if they are in NYC.