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Apr 12, 2008 07:56 PM

Best Greek restaurant in Columbia, SC?

I am new to Chowhound, and wanted to ask for user's opinions on the best Greek food in Columbia, SC. I love Greek food but need some opinions. Three that I have tried take-out from (all a while ago) are Grecian Gardens, Devine Foods, and Zorba's off Broad River Rd. in Irmo. Any impressions on if these places are any good? Also I have heard the original Zorba's on St. Andrews is good? Any others?


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  1. I frequent the Zorba's on St. Andrews Rd. While popular, Devine Foods never really rang my bell. I haven't been to Grecian Gardens in ages. You may want to try Bull Market in the vista. I had some nice meals there.

    1. You've named the ones that I would put in my top 3. All three have been around for ages, and all three have been consistently good for years. I left Columbia a while ago, but I'd kill for a Zorba's pizza right now!

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        We also love Deno's in the St. Andrews/Irmo area. And don't miss the Greek festival downtown that occurs one weekend either in October or September.

      2. While all the populars are good the hidden gem is Deno's. Great meal at a great price. We eat there often.

        1. I'm going to chime in with a thumb's down for Devine Foods. Prepack slices of "gyro meat" laid greasily atop my greek salad for $12. Big heap of iceberg, 4 kalamata olive (at least not those spongy black things), bland cheap feta, and griddled sliced "meat".

          1. Grecian gardens is probley the best, but don't expect to much. The Greek festival in Columbia is the 3rd weekend in September and is really a great time. I have been eating at Zorbas for 15 years and it has gone down every year.....If it wern't for Jimmy I would not go back.