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Apr 12, 2008 07:41 PM

South Norwalk - Restaurants

I was traveling through South Norwalk, and notice many new restaurants varying in food offerings. I would like some feedback on some recommended places. It doesn't matter what type of restaurants since I like pizza, Mexican, Seafood, Steaks, etc.

Thanks in advance for your feedback..

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  1. Barcelona, Match, Wasabi Chi are all really good. Not sure what your price range is, but none of them are cheap. A new place called Osetra is opening soon, supposed to be all seafood tapas sized plates. If you are looking for anything specific, let us know!

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      Thanks for the update. I do have one question, there is a BBQ place across from the Norwalk Aquarium, any info too share on this place. Sorry I don't remember the name.

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        It's actually Papaya Thai & Asian BBQ. I haven't been, but you might want to post your questions on the Tri-state board rather than New England, as you'll get many more responses regarding SONO.

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        Would you know if Osetra is the place that David Nivens, the former chef from Neptune Oyster in Boston is supposed to be opening up in SoNo? I had heard that he was moving down that way.

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            Googling around, found this - appears to be a placeholder for them:


            Also found a MySpace entry for a local Fairfield guy that appears to be the new bar manager.

      3. I like Strada 18 (Pizza/Italian), Burger Bar, Coromandel (new Indian on Washington St.), and Match.

        1. Barcelona is one of jfood's favorites. And it is the most reasonable fri/sat meal if you stay with the tapas sized plates (which in most cases are better than their entrees).

          Ocean Drive needs a good make-over but the do have absolutely great oysters and the Mahogany Sea Bass is one of jfood's favorite dishes, although they have cut back on the wasabi mashed over the winter.

          Kazu is a really good Japanese and sushi place. Good vibe and a lot of good food and choices.

          Habana - This place is OK, but not great and the food was either delivered cold or raw. Not rushing back

          Match - Way overrated in jfood's opinion. Chef is too busy snmoozing with people while the food coming out of his kitchen is going on reputation versus quality.

          Coromendel and Thali are the go-to Indian places in FFD county and you cannot go wrong eating at the SONO location

          Chocopology - Probably the best chocolate cake you will ever eat. And the chocolates themselves are both unusual and fantastic

          SONO Bake Shoppe - Fantastic cakes and unbelievable breads

          Strada 18 - They do not take reservations for dinner and jfood waited forever before he bagged it. It's a good lunch place now with pretty good pizza.

          The two places across from the Aquarium are both owned by people who have restaurants in New Canaan. Papaya Thai is owned by the people who own Plum Tree and the place across the street Goccia is owned by the owner of Aloi. Jfood has not been to either but you may want to do a search. Aloi is fantastic but only one thread has come to light on these boards for her SONO location and it was not favorable.

          Soup Alley has some great soups but it is a serve it yourself and jfood avoids these types of places during flu season. Now that flu season is in the rear view mirror, he will return.

          Wasabi Chi is next on jfoods to-go-to list.

          1. Don't forget Chocopologie for great chocolates!

            1. Stay away from Ocean Drive. I was served 4 undercooked, gritty sea scallops in a pool of congealed sauce in the center of a large plate. No vegetables, sides, etc. The food was ice cold, but the waitress was nowhere to be found to send it back. With one drink, tax and tip, I paid $47 for this "meal".