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Apr 12, 2008 07:23 PM

Michaelangelo's Pizza opened a location in Milford, CT - Yummy! Give it a Shot!

OK - So I'm not a huge pizza afficianado--not a die hard critic by Chowhound means. To give you an idea what I like, as for New Haven, I am a Modern lover. By work, I like Giove's in Shelton. I like Fresh ingredients, thin tasty crust. I was so excited to hear that Michaelangelo's (also of West Haven on Route 34 that had a fire and reopened) recently opened up a branch in Milford on the Post Road, between Jeep Dealership and Chili's, where Mr. Sizzzle (may it rest in peace) and Legends formerly was. When we lived in West Haven, we often got our pies at Michaelangelo's or Dayton Street. They don't deliver. My husband picked up two small pies tonight, so I didn't go there personally, but the pizza was just as I remembered it in West Haven. So great. We got a well-done sausage (crumbled style), roasted pepper and onion, and a boring pepperoni that my husband said was awesome. I hope those of you who love and critique pizza give it a try if you never have been to the West Haven branch. The crust was incredibly good--thin, chewy, some bubbles but not burned. A little floppy in the middle like a NY-style pie but holds up nicely near the crust. Another nice bonus is that Milford also sells Italian pastries like West Haven and other bread, antipasto items. I told my husband when he left, if they have sfogliatelle (my favorites), bring me back one--he brought back two--such a good man, plus a couple chocolate dipped cannoli for himself. The pastry was yummy. Tommorow I'll heat up my extra one in the toaster oven--great. I hope this place survives in this location. So please go and let us know what YOU think. My husband said there are informal tables inside for dining in. THey also offer catering, and lots of specialty pies.

Also Papas II opened up near Milford Hospital--that'll be the next pizza I try since I like the original in Devon, but I think my husband is re-hooked on the more local Michaelangelo's, so it'll be hard to get him to try something else.

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  1. Just another update - - Dined in last Friday night. Place was packed. Just about six large booths, but again the pizza was magnificent. They had their loaves of delicious bread for sale, along with all their yummy pastries and you can get antipasto items by the pound. They also had pizza by the slice available and small buffet for hot dishes.

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      Cheereeo, thanks for the update. I was down that way last weekend and as I was driving past, I was like "O...thats where the new Michaelangelo's is". I drive by the original on Rt. 34 every day on my way to and from work. I was so happy to see that they finally reopened.

      I hope to be visiting both locations in the near future.

    2. I have to give another update. Recently, my hub and I decided to make a quick stop late afternoon on a Saturday to get a slice. They had this incredible fresh tomato pie in the slice rack. It was delicious, so I asked the hostess about it. She explained that it is their Pomodoro Freschi pizza--fresh tomato, basil, garlic and olive oil. We stopped by the other night to pick one up for take out. It is my new favorite. Clearly, they use roma/plum tomatoes, but I have no idea they get them so fresh and ripe in the middle of winter. It is just incredible. I took a picture of the pie so you could see how red and juicy the tomatos are. And. . . the best news yet, when we called to place the order, the girl asked, "for pickup?" I had my husband question when he picked up the pizza--sure enough--to our surprise (and happiness!) they now DELIVER!!!!!! The place was jammed. They probably figure if they deliver, it will ease the bottleneck upon entry at the place. I"ll let you know how the delivery is--never as good as a fresh baked pie. Anyway, enjoy the picture--is your mouth salivating yet??????

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        Well, I'm glad you took a step up from Giove's.

        Michaelangelo's is a good place. I've gone to the rte 34 location for years. In Shelton, give Casa Nova a try--best pizza in town.

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          So much for that. I called on Saturday for delivery as I was stuck home without a car and a baby. No more delivery--too expensive at this time, until they get a better system in place. Didn't work out. That was short-lived. What a bummer.

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            A definite sign of the times. Hang on.

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              I stopped by Michaelangelo of WH on Friday to pick up a pizza. O my gosh, the smell of that place is incredible! The 30 seconds that I was waiting I was just drooling, EVERYTHING looked and smelled wonderful! My new Fav pizza place!!! And in my opinion, better than Wooster St any day.

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            Thanks for the photos! That pizza looks really, really good.

          3. OMG - My new favorite is the neopalitan: capers, anchovies, imported tomatoes and light mozz. I'm going to post a pic one of these days. I did take one, but someone in my house deleted it before I had a chance to download it.

            1. My friend told me Michaelangelo's Milford location has closed. I called and message says they lost their lease and watch for new location soon. What a bummer. I hope the owner wasn't being a prick, saw them doing well, and then raised the rent or something crummy like that. Their pizzza was so good. And the place always seemed crowded. Just don't understand it. FUnny that Jeep is now parking their cars there, so I wonder if something was going on with that arrangement.

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                Well that sucks. Indeed the pizza was very good. With legit sausage too and not rabbit pellet FAIL sausage.

                Keep us updated if you hear when and where they're re-opening.

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                  Hello everyone, just want to update all that Michaelangelo will be opening again across the street from the old location in Milford, it will be bigger and better than the old location. Look for the opening in the next few months. thanks for all the support. we are still open in West Haven (203-389-1603) and in Hamden (203-287-2454)

                  the owners of Michaelangelo'

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                    Awesome Awesome Do keep us posted. Hopefully with seating for larger parties at the new place. Always hard if you wanted to go with more than four or five people. Great News!