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Apr 12, 2008 07:22 PM

Asian Pears

Is the skin of an asian pear edible?

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  1. In Western Canada it is, yes.

    1. I'm sure its edible, just not a pleasant taste with its bitter tones. The deceptively thin skin layer I find is pretty tough to chew through as well. I've never seen it served sliced up with skin-on in any Asian dessert or family gathering serving. I much prefer the juicy fruit on its own! :)

      1. I've always eaten the skin of asian pears and i'm still alive ;o) As far as I know they are edible.

        Asians tend to peel fruit when they eat it, edible or not.

        1. There are different types of asian pears and I like the early ones with the pale skin. The later ones have a harder skin and can be less sweet if picked green for long term storage. Best time to get this is in the fall when they are harvested.