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Apr 12, 2008 07:21 PM

Rey Azteca in Warminster

There is a fantastic Mexican restaurant on York Road in Warminster that our friends found by accident a few months ago. Six of us went there for New Year's Eve and we ate and ate and ate and the bill was only $30/couple. Since then my husband and I have been back numerous times and every time we leave happy and full without spending a fortune. The food really is fantastic, even if the decor leaves a lot to be desired, but it's never very busy. I would hate to see them close since we've been looking for a great Mexican restaurant where the food doesn't cost a fortune, so I thought I'd spread the word. Unfortunately they don't have a website.

Happy Eating!

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    1. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I absolutely love local little hole in the wall places.. and completely agree that its great to spread word of mouth on these type of places to keep them in business. I will definitely try it!

      1. The address is Rey Azteca
        80 York Road, Warminster, Pa

        Thanks for the recommendation. I will try soon.

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          My daughter has gone there twice and loved it both times. I hear they have a decent vegetarian selection for those who are. I plan on visiting sometime soon.

        2. I agree and the waitstaff is very eager to please. Have been there maybe 6 times and never had a bad meal. Be advised that they have set lunch and dinner hours, and don't serve straight through

          1. I would not call it GREAT Mexican food, but it is inexpensive and good. I need to explain that my daughter is married to someone of Mexican heritage, and we have developed our "Mexican palates" a little more than usual. My sister & her husband LOVE the place however, and go there as one of their favorite "I'm really hungry, don't want to cook, but want something I'll really like" kind of places. They do have a fairly big menu and very friendly staff.

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              Can you give more details on their menu? Do they have dishes that are out of the ordinary Tex Mex food? (Eg Pasole or Menudo) do they make their own tamales? Do they have gorditas in addition to tacos? Do make their own tacos Are their soft tacos made with corn rather than wheat? Do they have chorizo, lingua, or other meat besides ground beef?

              1. re: cwdonald

                I don't remember if they have menudo, but I am pretty sure they had posole. Yes to choriza, no to lingua. It was moreMexican than oit was Tex Mex. Another place to try (if it's still there), that does have all all of the items you mentioned. is called Mexico Linda . Last time I was there was about 2 years ago. It was buried in the apartment complex next to the HS athletic fields right after Warminster Hospital and Majestic Oaks Nursing Home. I did a search on line, but couldn't find it. Have you tried Hananero in Hatfield? We went there for breakfast one Sunday, and the chiliqueles were excellent. I had verde, but they also have rojo.

                1. re: cwdonald

                  Pozole and menudo aren't tex mex inventions; they are actual, traditional Mexican soups. I haven't yet found any truly authentic Mexican restaurants in the area; everything is very Americanized and loaded with that disgusting "queso" sauce made from plastic cheese. I'm from Sonora, so I grew up eating flour tortillas as well as corn, and I went to school in Arizona where flour tortillas are also more common than corn, but it is still truly disgusting when I get a plate of enchiladas made with flour tortillas and the enchilada sauce is really just tomato sauce with some cayenne pepper in it.

                  I keep getting recommendations for "truly amazing" and "incredibly authentic" Mexican restaurants from well-intentioned friends who think that any place that serves up everything loaded with that dreaded kay-so crap is the real deal. I've tried cooking for them but they are unimpressed with anything that isn't heavily fried, bland, and/or drowned in american cheese. I'm quickly learning that any soi-disant Mexican restaurant that brags about its margaritas on its website isn't even worth trying.

                  I miss being able to just walk into a restaurant and get real Mexican food. I'd kill to be able to easily get tacos de lengua or birria or anything other than ground beef or rubbery steak. :(

                  1. re: evilducks

                    There are places that serve authentic mexican food both in bucks county, montgomery county and in Philadelphia proper. Search the board for the discussion of the great places in South Philadelphia, and Norristown.

                    In Bucks county my favorite is Mariachi restaurnt on 611. They do have tacos with lengua, chorizo, cabeza, as well as weekly specials in the winter that often are Menudo or Pozole. The tamales are made by hand there and only available on wekeends. I have not had their mole, but it is on the menu. And it has no liquor license so its not a marguarita place. They do have a complete line up of the Jarisco sodas, as well as Mexican coke. Its worth a drive up 611.

                    1. re: evilducks

                      evilducks -- I never said posole (or pozole, both are correct) or menudo were Texmex,; I said that the resto seemed to be more Mexican than Texmex. You are correct in that there are not many good Mexican places in the area, and many that proport to be Mexican are really an east coast imitation of Texmex. With big margaritas and a lot of sombrero decor. My daughter's Mexican FIL (from Mexico city and Guadalajara) is always on the hunt for an authentic Mexican restaurant, but they are few and far between.

                      There is a place in Hatboro, near the center of town & just off the main drag, that is OK. We've also found places in Norristown that represent Mexican food pretty well. Taqueria La Michoacana, for instance, has excellent lengua. You can also find some great places in and around the Italian Market. Las Cazuelas, in Northern Liberties, is a very good BYOB.

                      You have to understand, however, that the average person in this area is not familiar with REAL Mexican food, even though many of the chowhounds are. I'd love it (and so would DD's hubby & FIL) if we could just walk down the street and find a great taqueria.