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Apr 12, 2008 06:40 PM

Chefography - Duff Goldman Ace of Cakes

This is a great show. Who knew Duff was Mensa? Always liked the show, but now I respect the chef.

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  1. Or the fact that he worked at the French Laundry.

    He does have a bit of the boy genius thing going on too, he seems easily bored.

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    1. re: Phaedrus

      Wow, I have to catch this Chefography. In fact, I want to see all of them.

    2. I like Duff and his show but found the chefography unwatchable and turned it off after a while. I think he's simply too young. Coming after the bios for Julia Child and Wolfgang Puck, his seemed to strain for interesting tidbits. Huge chunks of time about what kind of a baby he was, how rebellious-yet-good he was in high school, stuff like that. I wouldn't have been surprised if they had one of his teachers talking about a book report that he turned in.

      I mean no discredit to his accomplishments or charisma, I just don't think this program was well-planned, especially when his show is already a big window into his life filled with interviews from his colleagues and friends.

      1. I really need to watch this one because I've only heard good things about him but found him really annoying when I've watched him a couple of times on Ace of Cakes. Ace of Cakes is not the type of show I'm really interested in so I have no interest in watching more episodes. But I find these chefographies kind of fascinating.

        1. I justed watched it yesterday and I thought that it was interesting that the issue of his cakes LOOKING great, but not TASTING very good was addressed (a topic that has been mentioned on CH boards a few times). I remember seeing a recent episode of Ace of Cakes when a local newspaper accused their cake of having more form than function. Needless to say, Duff was highly offended.

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          1. re: Gingerleen

            so here is something I have always wondered about, they work on the cake's structures, forms for a week- after the actual cake is baked??How can it taste good?

            1. re: karenfinan

              They do a week at at time at the bakery on the show, usually, but rarely does any individual cake sit around that long that I've noticed. Most of them get done in a day or two, I think.

          2. I found it interesting. Yes, he isn't Julia Childs - but I wasn't expecting him to be. I thought it most interesting in terms of the circuitous route on which his journey took him. And, frankly - he just seems likable, authentic, and not yet shticky. Just a dude makin' cakes.