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Apr 12, 2008 06:25 PM

michaels genuine- when to go with 5 month old?

should have gone when i was pregnant! after all the great reviews, we really want to get over and try it. any advice on when we can enjoy with our little one? he is great at restaurants, just don't want too crowded/ too loud. weekday lunch, would be my guess, but we want the dinner menu.

get there at 5-5:30 on a weekday?
do we need to make a reservation at that time?


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  1. I went at 6pm right as they opened on a Sunday one time and got a table for 3 outside with no problem. Your best bet is to go for an early dinner, that way you can eat outside and have plenty of room for a stroller.

    Funny thing is I dont have kids but my friends do so I know how agonizing it can be trying to go out to eat with all that kid stuff.

    1. There was a baby in a highchair at the table next to us on Thursday night from 830-10 and the child was precious. So long as he is good at restaurants it should not be a problem.