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Jul 10, 2002 12:06 AM

Any J-Town Recommendations?

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I'm going to an event in J-Town on Thursday. Any recommendations for reasonable sushi or japanese food within walking distance of the Geffen Contemporary. Already tried Sushi Gen (love it), Shabu Shabu, and New Otani.

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  1. Well, it's not Japanese, but I *love* the J-Town Mandarin Deli, mainly because of the Nira Bun (pastry stuffed with tofu, glass noodles and greens) and the crisp, greaseless pan fried dumplings. It's also bigger and much less crowded than the Chinatown branch. It's on 2nd between Los Angeles and Central (closer to Central).

    Also not Japanese: There's a branch of the Mexican seafood joint Senor Fish on First near Alameda (I think). Fabulous shrimp quesadillas.

    1. Just for reference the area is called Little Tokyo here in LA. Thanks!

      You also might try Oomasa - I have always enjoyed the food there.

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        The area is called alternatively Little Tokyo, J-Town, among others.

        T.O.T. is good for noodles, teriyaki, or tempura.

        If you want cheap beer and some american bar food, Weiland Brewery is great.

      2. try hamakawa, across the street from sushi gen. i must admit i don't eat too much sashimi. my family (big sushi eaters) would often go to sushi gen instead of hamakawa to accomodate my need for cooked food (last time i went which was a while ago, hamakawa only served sushi and tempura). anyhow, my brother says the toro is excellent there...

        if you're not in the mood for japanese, i second sabrina's vote for senor fish.

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        1. re: michiyo

          i second hamakawa...and they do have lots of cooked things, including a great black cod with miso and some curious eggplant dish that we liked.

          (p.s. hi sam - i'm elana's friend, we had dinner one night at cobras and matadors! welcome to the board...)

        2. Suehiros and AOI (both on First Street) used to be consistently satisfying for Japanese donburi, tempura noodles.

          1. there's also a great little place on first street called Mr. Ramen, run by a Japanese rastafarian. get the noodles with chicken and sesame.