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Free Pizza and Fries!

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K4 Pizza in Far Rockaway (accross from Kosher World) is giving out free pizza and fries to the first 1500 people (thats some 200 pies!) tomorrow (4/13) from noon to 8pm. Enjoy!

http://www.5tjt.com/pdfs/20080411_Iss... page 91.

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  1. Looked at ad more closely, they will be giving 2 slices and fries per person, makes that 375 pies!

    1. I just got back from K4 Pizza, no catch here, two slices of pizza and a fries for free! More importantly, their pizza is priced at $1.95 a slice! 13.95 a pie. In contrast, Pizza Time in Brooklyn charges an astonishing 50% more at $3/slice $22/pie. I won't lie, Pizza Time's pizza is the supperior pizza, but NOT at a 50%+ premium. I had a feeling that even with the increases in dairy/flour prices, $3 a slice did not sit right with me.