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Jul 9, 2002 09:30 PM

Santa Monica Italian/Polish

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Has anyone eaten at Vito's on Ocean Park Blvd? Highly recommended to us along with a Polish restaurant serving great "duck" called Warszawa on Lincoln? I am in SM and leave Sunday so would love opinions.

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  1. At Vito I always get, and love Fettuccini con Salmone. It is Fettuccini with smoked salmon in a brandy cream sauce. The fresh baked bread is good and salads are pretty good. Service has always been great. The one thing not to get at Warsawa is the Duck. It is like rubber. The Veal Paprikash and the Goulash are both great and the Pea Soup is the best ever. I also get the Prunes wrapped in Bacon. Sounds weird tastes great.

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      ditto just larry, avoid the duck at all costs. but i love warsawa, my favorites,the warsawa salad : apples carrots beets and fresh herbs, wonderful asparagus soup, very light tasty dumplings, chicken breast stuffed w herb butter, spaetzle,hunters stew, honey liqueur.

      1. re: Ciaolette

        They also have a salad combo plate. I have made that my dinner with a cup of soup. They have Potato Dumplings and of course Pierogi with your choice of 3 or 4 different fillingss. Warsawa is a much more exciting restaurant compared to Vito.

        1. re: Ciaolette

          I love Warsawa in general and disagree about the duck. It's my favorite thing there. It's true that once in a while it can be fat and/or rubbery; other times it is quite perfect! I suppose it just depends on how much you like good duck that determines whether you are willing to take a chance.

          1. re: juny1cat

            Well, because duck is my favorite meat, and I like it almost any way,traditional roasted whole,chinese BBQ, seared very rare, I have ordered the duck at Warsawa twice, hoping the first time was just a bad night. Both times it was served very very very well done, and the meat was extremely dry. Also it is served whole on the bone, with a steak knife triumphantly sticking up out of the carcass, and after realizing just how overcooked the duck was, the table joke was, that duck's REALLY dead, as I struggled to carve any bites from it , all the while trying not to slip my hand and send it flying.
            But honestly I really do love duck and
            I would be willing to try again, do you ask for it less cooked, or go early in the evening, what is the secret of your success??
            Regardless, I would hate for anyone to judge the kitchen at Warsawa based on the duck I was served. All the other dishes I have had there have been consistantly marvelous...

            1. re: Ciaolette

              Early could be part of it. We tend to go around 6:30 or 7. The worst duck I have had at W. was in a group dinner for around 16, arranged in advance by a Polish friend. I guess I would just tell the waitress that you don't want it too fat or too dry, and if the cook can't make it crispy but succulent tonight, you'll go with something else. I think I may have to go there this weekend and report.

              1. re: juny1cat

                The duck has always been overcooked and usually rubbery. If you LOVE duck it is edible. I do not like rare duck breast either. It is a good night when I order duck and the sauce is not icky sweet and the duck is tender and juicy. That rarely happens. The beet borscht is also excellent. You really should try this place but just don't judge it by the duck. Pate appetizer and pickled herring are also great. Gotta love this place.

      2. Both places are good. Vitos is a bit expensive but really good food. The staff is always nice.

        You will notice many locals go there and loyalists. The veal is a bit salty but the homemade pastas are great. Caesar sald is made tableside if I remember correctly.

        Try it out - great garlic toasts too.