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Apr 12, 2008 05:01 PM

Taking 2 teenagers to visit McGill -- suggestions for eats

I'm doing a college road trip with my daughter and her friend. We're staying two nights while visiting McGill and Concordia. I'm pretty certain we're staying near Chinatown. Any suggestions? I'm saving $$ for college, so nothing fancy. Asian is great, or a creperie. I know Montreal a little, so please (not that you would) don't suggest St. Hubert.

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  1. When are you going? If the weather gets a bit nicer, you can have picnics on Mont-Royal, or other nearby parks!

    Search the board for Chinatown - there are lots of reasonably priced places.

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      Leaving a week from tomorrow (April 20). That's spring break for the girls. If I were staying more than two days, I'd love to picnic. But we're on a pretty tight schedule, so I think we're going to need quick sustenance in restaurants. thanks!

    2. for a quick and filling lunch that may be new to them, try Boustan on Crescent. great Lebanese sannies! big with the University crowd.

      1. Tapioca The is located close to Concordia, very good Szechuan food (horrid pink walls, but the food is worth it...), Lola Rossa for vegetarian on Milton right by McGill, there's also an Access Asie (I think that's the name) on Sherbrooke just across from McGill for really decent, filling asian soups. There are plenty of places, as mentioned, in Chinatown (my favourite is Keung Kee) if you're staying near there. Juliette et Chocolat, on St. Denis near de Maisonneuve, has really good and reasonable crepes, both sweet and savoury. Bardeco pizza, also near Concordia, is decent.

        1. A lot of students (myself included) eat at Tay Do. It's a cheep bring your own win place on Duluth two blocks west of St. Denis, and the food is amazing. A few blocks closer to St. Laurent is a place called Fushcia I have never been personally, but I have heard good things and I know that in its short time being open it has had a lot of students through its doors. You can check there website for the daily menu.
          A breakfast place frequented by students is on Milton at Ste. Famille.

          1. Looking at your past posts, I think you might be from where I grew up in Western Mass! I fondly remember my college road trip with my dad and visiting Montreal for the first time.

            I think you might like to visit Cafe Santropal, 3990 rue Saint-Urbain. Cute place and I loved it when I was a student. Sandwiches and smoothies.

            Pho Bang New York is good for Vietnamese, especially the soup, 1001 St Laurent.

            Walking along Duluth between St Laurent and St Denis, you'll find a ton of restaurants, and the area is very cute.

            If you're staying in Chinatown, it is an easy walk to the Old Port, where people swear by Olive et Gourmando, 351 rue Saint-Paul Ouest. I've never been but if you search the board you will find plenty on this place.