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Apr 12, 2008 04:31 PM

Bistro 2210 - great

I was at Bistro 2210 last night and it was terrific. I have always found the food there to be creative and delicious, and this visit did not disappoint. My husband had lobster corn dogs as an appetizer, which were presented in bento boxes and were delicious. I had butternut squash soup which was flavourful. Our mains, tenderloin and duck two ways, were great. Service was bit slow at first because the place was full, but picked up to appropriate speed shortly.

I really think 2210 is an underrated dining choice in Calgary. It doesn't get anywhere near the ink that some other places get, and it ought to. I hope the building doesn't get demolished, as I love that space as well.

Also, I saw that they are open for brunch/lunch on the weekends now.

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  1. There is no issue with the building being demolished- the owners and city reached an agreement on the upper levels (not sure what specifically) and it is here to stay, which is great because it's a superb mixed-use structure that adds tons to 4th St.

    Never tried 2210 yet but thanks for the review.

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      Whew! Glad to hear that they aren't ripping it down...our historic buildings are limited to begin with. But back to 2210, I think it has a modern, clean atmosphere , and feels intimate but never crowded.

    2. I always felt the same way until one Saturday night I had an absolutely dreadful meal. It had obviously been sitting for a long time and to compensate for it drying out, they drizzled a lot of olive oil on it. I can't even remember which dish it was, but a bad experience is difficult to get over.

      1. i'm glad to hear it was good - I haven't been in a while because they hadn't changed their menu for a long time - sounds like some new items, will have to go back :)