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Apr 12, 2008 04:10 PM

Gourmet Markets/Prepared Food In/Around Boston?

I am new to Boston and I don't cook much, so when I don't eat out or take out from restaurants, I try to buy prepared food from places. I live downtown and as of now I go to South End Formaggio, Monica's Mercato, Purity Cheese, The Butcher Shop, Meridian Market and occasionally Whole Foods, though I think the quality of the prepared food at Whole Foods is a step below the others. I have also tried Savenor's in Beacon Hill but they did not really have anything pre-cooked.

Any other suggestions of where I could find good prepared food or high-end markets?

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  1. Which WF do you go to? Some are defintely better than others....

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      I agree. I go to the one in Charles River Plaza in Beacon Hill. I have tried others and agree that the quality differs, but I think the one in CRP is the best, though still underwhelming in comparison to the places I listed above.