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reputable knife-sharpening service ??


Can anyone recommend a reputable knife-sharpening service, preferably in the New England or (ideally) Boston area?

We're looking for someone who'd be able to grind down the bolster of some of my older knives (e.g. a 1980-ish Wusthof-Trident 8" Chef) so that I can use a wetstone effectively to get an edge back.

Thanks kindly.

- Richard (richard A T oldwithoutmoney D O T com)

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  1. A few months ago I had several knives sharpened at DA Bucci & Sons in Stoneham and I was very pleased with the results. It was about 4 bucks or so a knife and he had them for me in two days. Sharpest my knives have ever been.

    260 Main St
    Stoneham, MA 02180
    (781) 438-5055

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      I've tried Bucci's, as well as some other servivces, and thought they were great! They repaired a badly damaged (husband used to hack chicken!) german chef's knife to a great bevel and sharpness.

    2. I always use Kitchen Arts on Newbury Street. They do standard sharpening overnight and they rehab old knives.

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        Second. I took a boning knife that's about 60 years old there and it was restored to its former greatness.

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          I just got mine back from there and they did a decent job.

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          I'll strongly disagree, I took some knives to Kitchen Arts last year and even though the owner does the sharpening it was generally sloppy (grinder marks on the knives) and in one case damaging to the knife:

          -- after "sharpening" my 5' Global knife edge was actually concave, two heavy grinding sessions destroyed the natural curve and produces an indentation (not even a flat spot!) in the middle of the edge. Well' I brought the knife back and after "resharpening"my knife had lost at least a 1/4' off the heel and no longer had the attractive slightly agressive shape I'd brought to Kitchen Arts originally.

        3. Stoddard's in the Chestnut Hill Mall does a great job.
          They sharpen all knives by hand, on stones. If you really appreciate your knives you should take them there.
          Kitchen Arts is great if you need your knives in a hurry but since they use machine-grinders they end up taking quite a bit of metal off and the edge won't last as long.

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            I brought my knife to Stoddard's on a week day afternoon and they were able to do it in 15 minutes. I have to say that it hasn't stayed sharp that long, but that could be my fault.

          2. Second Stoddards. Bucci machine grinds them. They will be sharp, but ground.

            1. Great question, and I am looking for an answer too. I have heard horror stories of "reputable" sharpeners who take them out to an inexperienced hardware store, and worse.

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                Good point! Most hardware stores will grind the sh@t out of your knives.
                Green's Hardware in Wellesley actually does all their sharpening by hand on 6000-8000 grit whet stones, surprisingly. They do a decent job.Unless you're gonna bring your knives to them I would say as a rule of thumb don't EVER bring your knives to a hardware store.

                1. re: adamgendreau

                  Thanks for the tip! they're on the regular route, so I brought 4 knives there; my 2 Chicago Cutlery (vintage) chefs' knives, and 2 pieces of crap from TC's...They are all now sharp enough to carve see-thru slices of tomatoes... $4 a piece, next day service...

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                    Needed to post an update on Green's Hardware.
                    Even tho my knives were the sharpest they've ever been when I picked them up, both TC and I noticed, independently, that they dulled below par faster than they ever have from any other sharpening service. Guess it's back to the $2 guys in Washington Square.

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                    I brought my knives to Curry Hardware in Quincy and they did a great job!

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                      I second this - Curry does a great job and is right off of the Southeast Expressway. Nice folks too.

                2. A few years ago I took a very badly damaged knife (poor knife choice to tackle a lobster!) to a knife shop in Quincy Market - I forget what it's called, but it's below ground. They did a great job, and made my knife as good as new.

                  1. I once met a guy who had a mobile unit, that came to a restaurant I worked at. I think his truck/service was called Rolling Stone but all I can find are links to the franchise business. Anyone know how to reach him? I'd love to set up a time for him to come my neighborhood, line up the neighbors and get it done. I just can't find him...

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                      I was at the farmer's market at Union Sq. in Somerville this past weekend and noticed a gut in a van staked out near the market who offered on the spot sharpening services, didn't pay much attention, but the van was certainly purpose built for a Tinker.

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                        That's likely Siraco Sharpening Service, who used to have a storefront in Magoun Square, but now work out of their van. You can do drop-off service from any of the S'ville Farmer's Markets or Tags Hardware in Porter.

                        Siraco Knife Sharpening: 617-628-6071

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                          My wife and I second Siraco's. It is a family of knife sharpeners who do great work. We have used them for years.

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                            You can also drop off and pick up at Fabric Corner on Mill St. in Arlington, but call about the turnaround in advance - it varies depending on the day of the week

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                              I think the guy who sharpens for Fabric Corner picks up and drops off on Mondays and Thursdays and also does the sharpening for Tags in Porter Sq.

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                                Are we talking about Scirracco, or whatever their name is, here?

                      2. There's a little, old sharpening shop on Green Street in Woburn - anyone use them? I think it's called MMR.

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                          That's just down the road from me. I've *never* seen them with an open sign on the door.

                        2. I bought all my Wustoff's from Stoddards and was pleased with their sharpening. Took all the knifes in to the Chestnut Hill Mall store and they did the worst job ever.

                          There were knicks, bent ends - the worst. I didn't bother to complain about the $90 fee (it was the holidays & I was already thinking of throwing myself under a bus), but I won't go back.

                          1. Is there anyplace people recommend that's in Boston/Cambridge/Brookline/Somerville/Watertown that's fast? From what I saw at the farmers market last summer, Siraco seems to take a week or two. I don't want to be knifeless for long.

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                              I take mine to Kitchen Arts in Boston on Newbury St, right by the Copley T. During the week, you can usually get them back the next day. Sometimes two days. I've always been happy with them. 3 bucks a knife.

                              1. re: chicken pot pie

                                Wow, that's WAY cheaper than I expected. Clearly I have no excuse to keep hacking away with dull knives.

                                ... I'd better not get rush-hour rage while carrying them to and from on the T, eh?