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Apr 12, 2008 02:40 PM

Yogifiore in Elmhurst

Didn't try anything. However, i noticed they will be having green tea and what seems to be coffee yogart. They also had an assortment of toppings, very similar to yogurberry. They have a much bigger space and very pleasent inside.

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  1. I also noticed a pomegranite flavor. The place was pretty hopping when I went by. It looks to me like the left hand side of the store is going to be a T-mobile counter or a small cell phone store, all in the same space as the yogurt. To me this seems like a bad idea, but maybe I misunderstood the intention of the other part of the space.

    Even thought yogurberry is smaller, I prefer the feel of its space vs. Yogifiore. The location, just below the 82nd St. 7 train station, is a bit loud.

    1. I tried it today, Tuesday, and it was very quiet. The girls behind the counter were OK but gave impression of not caring too much. There were 4 flavors listed, and I wanted to try pomegranate, but they only had plain and green tea. They assured me that plain was plain, not vanilla, and it certainly was. It tasted exactly like a frozen version of plain yogurt, almost unsweetened. There is something satisfying about a cold, smooth dessert that is nonfat and only slightly sweet. I got it with granola and had no trouble finishing it. It was not out of this world, but it was pleasant. The price, however, was $3.79, I believe. The posted price for Small was $2.50, which means that about a teaspoon of granola cost $1. I found that a bit steep. And yes, it does look like a cell phone counter is coming to the other side.

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        I wonder when they will get these other new flavors. Did Yogaberry ever get their blended stuff? I recall them saying each time I went they still didn't have it. I heard/read somewhere it's the same owner.