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Apr 12, 2008 02:03 PM

La Perla Oyster Bar- Red Bank??

I just recently saw that there is an oyster bar part of 2 senze. Has anyone tried this place out. I am a huge fan of oysters and seafood, and thought this might be a nice stop when the weather starts getting warm and I start craving a raw bar. Any opinions?

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  1. We went to La Perla a few months ago. It was a very nice experience. The bar is small and very elegant. Nice variety of very fresh oysters. We also ordered a raw tuna appetizer (carpaccio?) and a salad. Generous portions with fresh ingredients. The tuna appetizer had a nice-sized side salad.
    IIRC, the restaurant sells wine. But you may be able to BYO as well.

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      Hmmm...then I will definitely check it out!! How were the prices?

      1. re: emilyb27

        I don't remember the prices. My memory tells me it was not over-priced. It was in line with other happening Red Bank restaurants. But given the good quality, I'd say it was a good value -- given the Red Bank location and proximity to two theaters.
        Why don't you call and ask...