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Apr 12, 2008 02:01 PM

[Hamden] SBC Beer

I've seen a bunch of comments on SBC in general as pretty meh, but nothing specifically about the beer. My only real benchmark is BAR, so especially if you can make qualitative comparisons with that, I'd be much obliged. There's a new one nearby in Hamden, so I might go if the brew is worth a trip.

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  1. Wouldn't advise the trip. I've tried the branford outpost on a couple of occasions and been underwhelmed. To my taste, they offer a full line of generic microbrew, overly malted and underhopped. I think BAR takes a little more risk with their beers resulting in a much better product. I'm actually quite fond of the their toasted blonde, with its funky woodsy/citrusy notes. The SBC version, by way of comparison, is bland and just kind of sits on your tongue...Likewise, I think the brewmaster at BAR finds a nice balance in his pale ale whereas the SBC offering is just plain bitter...

    If your thirsting for local brew, how about picking up a six pack of Sea Hag? Flavorful yet rough around the edges, I think its a fantastic early spring beer. And it's fun to quaff out of a can every now and again...

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      they've recently change the hopping of sea hag.. it's no longer rough around the edges, comes off as less bold and maltier..

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        Seconding the above comments. (never had Sea Hag, though.)

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          I think generic microbrew is the perfect way to describe SBC's beer. BAR also injects more variety into its beer lineup, I seem to recall that last summerduring strawberry picking season one batch of the Toasted Blonde was made as Strawberry Blonde. I might be remembering wrong, but I'm sure I have seen them change a regular offering briefly a few times. This is in addition to the seasonal offerings, which sometimes change mid season (so that there are more than 4 seasonals in any given year) and generally change year to year. I don't drink most of their beers frequently enough to be sure if it is true of all their offerings, but the flavor of the Stout changes noticeably from batch to batch. It's not a consistency issue, but seems to be experimentation. SBC is absolutely consistent from batch to batch, from location to location, and from year to year.

        2. Thanks for the detailed replies! I'll likely avoid it and save the scratch for a BAR outing.