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Apr 12, 2008 02:00 PM

What's on your shopping list?

A trip to Publix is never comlete without my shopping list. This way, rather than buying on impulse I shop for the must have items for the week. Most often times my list includes white mountain bread, Vigo Greek peppers, chicken dumpling soup and pecan granola bars...What's on your shopping list?

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  1. Publix sells a frozen french bread (whole wheat or white) that has only 5 ingredients: wheat flour, wheat bran, water, yeast, salt. It's a chemicals, no preservatives, no HFCS, no "dough conditioners" bakes up hot and crusty in 11 minutes, and it's wonderful. Le Petit Francais Baguettes. It's always on my list...along with, usually, cheese (all kinds), Makoto honey ginger dressing (pour it over salmon and bake...yum), whole wheat tortellini for my daughter....not everything every trip, but list or not, I still buy on impulse too. That's half the fun. And going to the supermarket (without the kids :-) is actually a stress reliever, as long as I have time to browse.

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      That bread sounds good. I know what you mean about impulse buying, its always fun to sneak in a few extra goodies there. It would be nice if Publix went a bit more upscale "gourmet" with some items, its pretty basic stuff they offer.

      I hear you about the stress releiver part, its very relaxing to shop.

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        Pringle >

        The bread sounds great. I am making the trek this morning... The South Beach Publix is a bit more upscale but not necessarily gourmet. It is a fun spot for people watching (lots of models and model-wannabeeees). We call this the "Mother Ship Publix" designed by Carlos Zapata. If you go - check out the roof - See these 5 pix:

        There are small pots of Greek style yogurt in the organic fridge called "Fage" (thicker and tastier than the usual). There are hard, dark chocolate biscuits shelved next to the ice cream fridge (not in the cookie aisle) that are the color/flavor of the outside of an oreo but thinner and crunchier and PERFECT with ice cream. Fans of not-too-sweet dark chocolate will love these. While most of the tomatoes are tasteless, they sometimes sell an "ugly ripe" tomato individually wrapped up in boxes that are hit or miss but better than the rest.


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          One of our Publix markets is pretty good too, and more upscale than some has a bigger greenwise section, and definitely more choices. Not surprisingly, it's the Heron Bay store, which borders Parkland. I also like browsing at the Fresh Market, when Publix just won't do. ;-)

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            That is amazing! You actually found pictures of the store! Marvellous!!! i must go there when down in South Beach!!!!

          2. re: Heidi Ho

            Our Publix actually carries, specialty breads now (olive, sundried tomato, rosemary breads.) they're pretty good! and since a few weeks, they've added an olive bar! how fancy, haha!!
            I think publix' inventory varies per region, what sort of people live around the Publix.... The Publix surrounded by Senior communities, has different items than the Publix surrounded by families...

        2. I made myself crave blue crab, so my shopping list now contains:
          live Blue Crab
          some kind of Pinot Grigios
          maybe some red potaoes for a crab boil
          and I think I need to hit up Byblos market b/c I am almost out of Harissa paste.

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            You are a powerful person - you made ME crave blue crab... Are you psychic?


            1. re: advisor_Girl

              Hmmmmmmmmmmm blueeeeeee crabbbbbbbbbbb.
              Um, I mean. Yeah, Blue Crab sounds pretty good.

          2. My last list included hot smoked salmon (or good canned tuna), green beans, tomatoes, olives, and rose - can anyone guess what salad I was making (if you include the potatoes I have at home)

            1. Are we ready for a Publix scavenger hunt? They have done a great job of diversifying their products. The downside is that inventory varies so from store to store. For my part do not miss Ting, the Jamaican grapefriut soda and the ONLY soda allowed in my home. It's a great mixer. But it's not in every Publix.

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                I will look for TING next time I am in Publix....