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Apr 12, 2008 01:58 PM

Davis Square Bars

Hello all, I'm headed to Davis Square for dinner tonight, and I'm wondering what would be a friendly bar to go to afterwards. I don't want a swanky, space-age decor kind of thing, though a dive is also not the idea. Preferably somewhere with a terrific beer selection with a relatively informal atmosphere.

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  1. The Burren's food is mediocre, but it's a good pub for beer.

    Joshua Tree is terrible for food, ok for drinks.

    Up the street in Porter Square, I really like Toad for beer and live music, or its sibling next door, Christopher's, for pretty good pub food and good beer selection.

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    1. re: finlero

      2nd Toad, since you won't be looking to eat if you're going out after dinner. Great intimate space, live music, never a cover. Will be packed tonight, though.

    2. Best beer selection would be Redbones. The bar is small and will most likely be busy, but the beer selection really can't be beat. Goodluck.

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      1. re: EmChouffe

        I think they still serve most of the beers at Underbones, the basement of Redbones, and you can usually sit comfortably vs. upstairs, but it is kind of dive and space-age simultaneously (if the unusual artwork is still there).

          1. re: trev80

            Sligo. Same as the county in Ireland. Haven't been in there for ages, but my recollection was that they didn't have much of a beer selection. . .

          2. re: rlh

            Had their app of fried oysters last Friday after work that were just what I was just what I was craving after seeing a previous post touting them. Affable, efficient waitstaff too.

            1. re: Taralli

              I always like PJ Ryans up the street in Teele Square. Or head across to North Cambridge to Joe Sent Me - Joe's is a tad more divey, but I'd call it more informal, and I consider the Sligo Pub more of a dive.

              Toad is often tough to find a seat, depending on the draw of the music, but Christophers is a good 2nd option nearby.

        1. definitely "joe sent me".