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Apr 12, 2008 01:28 PM

Wu Chon House

Thanks to Emby for the rec. Went there for lunch today with a couple of friends. He was right about the dumplings being good - nice, thin, slightly chewy but not doughy skins with a filling (we got beef and veg) that was a matter of a combination of distinct flavors rather than the all together flavor mush so many dumpling fillings can be.

A nice array of sides, although the potato salad was a bit of a surprise. The kimchi was a nice blending of flavors rather than the harsh imbalance it can sometimes be. Something that carried through the meal. None of the spicy things were as spicy as I've had them elsewhere, but were very flavorful, making this a place to keep in mind for friends who get scared off by the thought of all the garlic and pepper in some Korean food.

Bi bim bap had a very, very nice crust to the bottom rice but not much meat and the real problem was the non peppery supposed pepper sauce. Not very hot, and this was the one place where they really could have used more heat, as it's very bland without.

Also had a nicely flavored kalbi, but the real star of the show and most memorable dish, was the jap chae, which were smoky and richly flavored, with a perfect texture rather than the gooey mess they can sometimes be.

Definitely a place to try again. Thanks again for the recommendation.

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  1. Glad to help--sounds like you had a pretty full/indicative experience. Perhaps we'll see you there sometime!

    1. Their jap chae is great. Another great dish there is the je yook bokum, a spicy pork stir fry (they also have a similar one with squid that seems even hotter). Give it a shot next time.