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Apr 12, 2008 12:52 PM

vegas tasting menu under 200pp with wine? nobhill, mmina, other?

hi again vegas hounds,

I'm looking for a good tasting menu for a night out in vegas, but would like to keep cost below $200 per person including wine... I've read a lot of threads here and posted a question at the link below, but no one has answered it yet:

I think I've narrowed it down to michael mina or nob hill. what do you think? what's the difference? (food, atmosphere, trend?) are there other good tasting menus in this range? again, we're trying to keep the cost below $200pp before gratuity.

many thanks in advance!

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  1. I've enjoyed Nob Hill a couple of times. When it first opened, each course was a sampling of three different items. They have changed that but each time I enjoy the experience immensely. I would also recoment the Fluer De Lys at the Mandalay Bay. I think this would be my top choice in Vegas. The FDL is $130 for a 6 course plus $80 for the wine pairing..

    I've never eaten at Michael Mina.

    1. Both are great. I've always thought of Nobhill as an a la carte place rather than a tasting menu sort of venue - although I'm sure it's great.

      The atmosphere at Michael Mina is a just a bit more formal than Nobhill but not by a lot. The food is prepared exquistely at both venues and will be comparable considering that they're both Mina properties although I'd give the edge to MM. As far as trend goes - I'd say that Nobhill is probably trendier but that's not saying much. They both are nice restaurants with neither one really topping the other on the trend scale.

      If you want to spend up to $200/pp with the wine then I would recommend Michael Mina. The menu is fabulous and it's high on my list as far as Vegas restaurants are concerned. Again, I like Nobhill ( the Chicken Tettrazini is to die for! ) but I'd probably opt for Michael Mina if given the choice and a $200 budget. If the Lobster Pot Pie is not on the tasting menu ... consider adding it. It's money well spent. Trust me - the flavor is unbelievable!